Monday, August 8, 2011

Mega card making day

Last week one day I grabbed a pack of papers and decided to craft until I used all of the paper.  It took a day of crafting spurts but in the end I had 16 completed cards….


and only a few small scraps.


The scraps went in my scrap box to be donated and the cards went into my card supply to be mailed to family and friends or sold in my Etsy store.

100_7940Each card has multiple layers and most have additional embellishments besides paper and stamps.     100_7945

I took a heat gun to some of the ribbon to give is a curly look.


The wide red striped ribbon was originally white and red but I sprayed it with walnut ink to tone the color down a bit to match the papers better.


If you want a closer look at all of the cards check out the album of each card.

I like the thought that I used up one of the many paper packs I have but I still have a lot more paper just waiting to be made into the perfect card.  Although I’m trying to use what I have, this paper pack didn’t quite provide all the room I need for the great cardstock pack I snagged at Tuesday Morning last week…..

I guess I can say I have the same number of paper packs…..

Happy crafting,


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  1. I find that I can be my most creative when I set aside some supplies and knock it out until I use them up...looks like the same goes for you!


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