Monday, February 28, 2011

WWDD? aka….What would Donna do?

Last week I found a fun piece to make over and thought of Donna over at My Shabby Chateau who I think of as the Queen of Syroco.  You probably know what I mean if you have been to her blog or etsy shop.  I think she can find Syroco pieces anywhere.  Me, I hardly ever find Syroco but I do find Dart and Homco pieces quite often.

When I did find a Syroco piece last week I immediately thought of Donna.  Then I wondered what will I do with the piece to make it over.

Hmm, I wondered  WWDD  (what would Donna do)?  I even posted a comment on her blog about this to which she answered…. paint it Heirloom white!  She didn’t even know what Syroco piece  I was talking about!  That’s just her style, lots of chippy, shabby, Parisian style white decor items.  Seriously if you haven’t already, check out her blog here.

Ah, her finds make me jealous sometimes.

So Donna, if you happen to visit my blog, here is the piece that made me think of you.

Look at all those lovely flowers.


Look at this funky butterfly.  I don’t think I’ve seen such a stylized butterfly before.


Did I mention that this piece is big, well maybe huge is more like it.


It is over 3 feet tall and about 20” wide.

It is still in this state.  I haven’t broken out the white paint yet.

Well, at least I think it might end up white.  I’m still kicking around the idea of painting it something other than white.  I think I just broke Donna’s heart.  Sorry Donna.

Maybe pink flowers, then white over the top with some distressing to bring out some pink on the flowers?  Maybe it is ok if I take my inspiration from and tweak WWDD just a bit to make it my own. :)

Stay tuned for a final reveal….that is, once I know what I will do.


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Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Cards

I made a few more birthday cards after I showed you the cards I was inspired to make here after seeing a butterfly card.  Here are few more of the cards I made.
Pretty simple, patterned paper and a couple vellum butterflies.

Butterflies are cut from a SU/Sizzix die.

Lots of butterfly punch outs.

I scallop punched a scrap of paper and a small piece of ribbon to accent the blue color in the patterned papers.
These were all fairly quick and easy, no stamping required since I used happy birthday paper that I had on hand.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

$3 Thursday – no cost decorating

One of the best ways to decorate is to use what you have, especially if you are a hoarder, oh, I mean collector.  Doesn’t 'collector’ sound so much more elegant?
Yep, I’m a collector of some vintage games and books.  Some are items I had when I was younger and some are items I picked up here and there.
When I took down my Valentine decor I knew I wanted something fun in its place.  As I put the Valentine items away I came across a suitcase with some old vintage games and books and thought they would make the perfect display items for the cabinet in place of the Valentine items.
At one time I collected these games with big plans to frame the games and display them.  Well….. I guess I don’t need to say that it never happened but I kept the games to use ‘someday’.  Today was that day.
I displayed a few racquetball items, a few bingo games, domino sets, a Chinese Checkers board as well as vintage games and books.  It was a perfect display for the jar-o-dominoes I posted about here.
I think it is a perfect display for now until I decide to make some spring or Easter decor.  Hopefully spring will come soon here in Minnesota but that isn’t too likely.  We can expect to get snow for another month or more.  At least now there are a few days here and there where it is warm enough for some of the snow to melt.  I could have done without the 8 inches we got last weekend.
I did play Chinese Checkers on this board.
Racquetball anyone?
I think I got most of these games at an auction years ago.
I love the book “Mixed bag of Magic Tricks”.  I remember trying a few of the tricks.
This wasn’t the loom I had but I did make a number of loom potholders when I was younger.
I love these wood bingo numbers.
I have quite a collection of game pieces and a few other items in a large glass jar.

It was a pretty easy display to put together.  Can you believe I had all of this stuffed away in a suitcase just waiting to be used?
New display…………….. $0

Now if we get another winter storm I have games on hand to pass the time….

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vintage Flower Finds

I found these beauties yesterday and had to bring them home.
Well, home for now.  I did list them in my etsy store so they might not be at home with me for long.
Can you believe they are belt buckles?
Not just a belt buckle but a belt buckle from Beverly Hills, CA.
Ohh, la, la, how chic.
What a great flower to have that will never fade.
  I can’t see using them as the belt buckle they originally were made as but maybe a pin or scarf tie.
The ivory and brown ones have a wonderful iridescent, pearl finish to them.
For now they are at home in a basket, bringing me a reminder that summer and flowers will come again someday…. 

At least some of the latest snow is melting today.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Latest cookies

I made and decorated a few cookies this past weekend.  Some to keep and some to send to my niece and godchild away at Purdue University.  I sent her cookies last month and they were a hit.  What college kid wouldn’t like a box full of decorated cookies?




I tried my hand at the Purdue ‘P’ logo.  I’m pretty happy with them since it was really my first freehand cookie decorating.


No sun yesterday or today with the winter snow warning so I’m glad I made my own sunshine.


100_6049 100_6050

I’m loving disco dust, glitter for you cookies. :)

100_6051    100_6055 100_6056

100_6057 This was my attempt at a shot put and a hammer, two things my niece throws.  I couldn’t find a good picture for the hammer so I hope it is close.


My dd asked why I took a bit out of a cookie and put it back in the box when she saw this one.

100_6059 100_6060 100_6061 100_6062 100_6063 100_6064  I wish my niece good luck at the Big Ten meet this weekend and hope she enjoys my latest cookie creations.


Thanks to my sister for taking the cookies down so I didn’t have to mail them this time.



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