Thursday, August 25, 2011

$3 Thursday – mirror makeover

I wasn’t sure what $3 craft project to share until I decided to paint a mirror that I recently found.  For once my before isn’t 70’s gold, it is 70’s driftwood for lack of a better term.


This is a larger mirror, about 2 feet.  It was this sort of nondescript grey color.


Really it had a lot more fruit than I’d usually pick but it was a price I couldn’t resist.


No, not this $9.99 price, I resisted it at that.

I resisted when it went to half off, $4.99 was still too much money.

But when it went to $1.49 I had to rescue bring it home from Goodwill.

My very own fruit salad mirror.


I knew it was heavy but was surprised to find a 1/4” mirror once I took the backing off.


I wonder the reason for marking the date on mirrors?  I’ve seen it a few  times on some of the mirrors I’ve found.

Where were you May 19th of 1976?

Me, I was finishing up kindergarten.


When I started washing the mirror I thought this brown was the finish, turns out it was 35 years of grime.  Eww.


I decided to use some more of the champagne colored metallic paint I had.    100_8619

I tried to get a pretty good coverage but didn’t get it into all the cracks and curves.  I did what you might call a heavy dry brushing.  Not a solid coat but a fair amount of paint.

100_8620  Outside and at certain angles it looks almost silver then in other lights it is more of a gold color.


I’m not sold on this color for this mirror but I do like the gilded look of the fruit.


I found myself wishing for some white paint but the only white paint I had was spray paint and I really think I want to brush on the paint.


This is how it looks inside against my slightly off white walls.

I am loving the champagne paint but I just not sure it was the right choice for this mirror.

What do you think?  Leave it as it is or paint it another color?


Do you see beauty in a gilded fruit mirror or did I over pay for it?



Thrift store mirror                        $1.49

Metallic Champagne paint             $5 -but used less than 1/4 of my sample pot.

Total cost:    about $2.75



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  1. Maybe dry brush the mirror frame with white or another color of choice.


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