Thursday, September 15, 2011

$3 Thursday – silver pumpkin – repost

Since I’ve been struggling to be creative this week I thought I’d share a project from last fall.   The weather has been a bit cooler and I’ve been thinking of decorating for fall soon.  This is one of the things I’ll be putting out soon.
Doesn't this silver pumpkin look like it was more than a dollar?
It reminds me of some glass pumpkins I have seen.
I got the glass look with a thrift budget.
A few weeks ago I picked up this pumpkin for 50 cents.
What a steal.  It still had the original price tag with $5.99 on it!
I knew I wanted to paint it so I gathered some painting supplies that I had on hand.
Silver paint, a shimmer gold paint and a gloss sealer.
I have painted a few projects with these cans already so the cost of paint per project was pretty minimal.
Since it was a bit windy today I set up a painting box.
I painted the pumpkin with a couple light coats of the silver paint.
Once the paint was dry I put some water on it.
Yeah seems strange but I thought it would help me get the look I wanted.
While the water was still on the pumpkin I sprayed silver and then the gloss coating on it.
I was hoping for some spots to help it look more like glass.
Since it was cool here today I did use a heat gun to dry the water drops.
The paint and gloss did dry into small drops, sort of like bubbles you might see in glass.
I wasn't able to get any good pictures to show the subtle texture it gave the pumpkin.
You will have to take my word for it.
It is there, just like I wanted.
It will be a great addition to my sweatshirt pumpkins from last week.
I like the contract of the sleek silver pumpkins with the more rustic looking pumpkins.
I'm not ready to pull out all my fall items quite yet but I did make a small display for now.
My cost for this silver pumpkin -  $.50
I did use some paint and gloss that I had on hand.
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