Thursday, November 17, 2011

$3 Thursday – Chalkboard fabric

One of the great things about blogging is all the wonderful ideas I find when I’m looking at other blogs.  One recent thing I became aware of is chalkboard or blackboard fabric.  Yes, chalkboard fabric, no priming, drying, painting, drying, painting, drying and painting again.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my chalkboard paint, especially spray paint but fabric you could cut and shape how you want, I had to try it.  Oh, add the fact that it is relatively cheap inexpensive – sold.  I found mine at Jo-Ann's for $5 a yard.  Use a coupon and you can have ready to use chalkboard for $2.50 a yard. 

It is a thick, vinyl material that sort of reminds me of old vinyl tablecloths.  Since it is vinyl it have a bit of a smell but I noticed that after sitting for a while it dissipates.  I bought my fabric over a month ago and don’t notice any smell now.


The chalkboard fabric made this chalkboard a rather quick and easy transformation.

I repurposed this frame with a little bit of paint and the chalkboard fabric.

I took the picture out and sprayed the image with glue and smoothed on the fabric when the glue was tacky.

Quick and simple.


I painted the frame with a colonial red paint with a little bit of black and shimmer paint and then I lightly distressed the frame.


I love the pop of color the red frame gives, to a quick fall decor.


  The frame matches my couch and brings some darker color to my living room which it needed.


Just like chalkboard paint you need to ‘season’ this with chalk before you write on it so you don’t ‘burn’ your image into it.


I’m loving my new chalkboard and have other projects in mind for the rest of the chalkboard fabric I have.

Supplies needed:

Frame - on hand

Chalkboard Fabric – about $2

Spray paint – on hand

Spray glue – on hand

Total cost:  $2 for chalkboard fabric, everything else I had in my stash.


Want to make your own?  Run, don’t walk, ok, well drive to your local fabric store and ask for chalkboard, or blackboard fabric and find a picture frame you can use for your new chalkboard.


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  1. I love this! What a great job! I love the chalkboard craze. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower

  2. how would it hold up compared to spray chalk?

  3. how would this hold up compared to spray chalk? it sounds less messy, just wondering what it is like compared to the spray on or paint on versions.

  4. What type of spray glue did you use and how is it holding up? I love the smooth look of the fabric.

  5. I used a 3M spray adhesive. It has held up OK. I do smooth the fabric down every once in a while. It sometimes get a `bubble` in it. I think decoupage glue might be better because the chalkboard fabric is textured on the back. If I did a similar project I'd use a thicker glue, maybe even contact cement. HTH


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