Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cookies for school….

It’s almost school time here in Minnesota.   In two weeks my daughter will start her first year of high school.  She actually has a 9th grade orientation day two weeks from yesterday.  Let’s just say I’m a bit more excited about school starting than she is. :)

In honor of school and college starting I decided to make and decorate some school themed cookies.


Everyone needs a few notebooks for school.


A few pencils to write with.


And it might not hurt to take an apple to the teacher.   100_8514

Or maybe a fresh bouquet of flowers would be a better gift.


Since this was my first attempt at all but the flowers I’m pretty happy with my decorating.  I’m sure I’ll try something a bit different with the pencils if I make them again but it was a great first attempt.

A few of these cookies are on their way as part of a birthday present for my niece and godchild.  Shh, don’t tell her, they probably won’t arrive until tomorrow.

Once she gets her packages I’ll show another more personalized gift that I made for her.  It was such a great project that I mailed it…twice!

Are you looking forward to school starting or has it started already in your area?


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