Wednesday, August 17, 2011

$3 Thursday – faux leather bust makeover

You might remember this bust I found for only $3 at a garage sale.100_8028

I knew I was going to cover it up to give it a vintage look but at first I wasn’t sure what to cover it in.  I thought about newsprint, book pages, sheet music or paper bags.

I was pretty set on using some vintage sheet music but when I went to cover it I misplaced my vintage sheet music (Ok, time to clean and organize again) so I had to change ideas.


I finally decided on a faux leather look so I grabbed some paper grocery bags and glue and started ripping and crumpling the paper.


I watered down some good old Elmer’s school glue down and used that as my decoupage mixture.  I was a bit worried that so much of the grocery bag printing was showing while the glue was still wet but I decided to add some more pieces and let it dry to see how it looked.


Here’s my newly covered bust.


Once it was all dry I liked the results, only a bit of the print was showing through but I wanted it to be a bit darker so I grabbed my walnut ink.


At first I watered down the walnut ink and covered the whole bust.  I watered it down a bit too much so I started spraying ink directly on my bust.


I sprayed lots of ink to help get the dark color I was picturing.


I didn’t want the blotches so I dabbed the ink and rubbed it into other parts of my bust.


Ah, this is what I was going for.

Now to let it dry.


It dried to the perfect color and texture, just perfect for a jewelry display.


It took the place of a chalkboard globe that was on my dresser top.


I love this display although I need to redo the potato sack memo board on the wall that I threw together a few weeks ago.


The color and texture was just what I was looking for.


I’m sure I’ll have fun changing out the necklace I put on display.


Looking at this makes me want to recover my so called mannequin that I stated a few weeks ago.

Hmm, lots to think about.


Bust makeover supplies:

Bust         Garage sale find, $3

2 Paper bags               free

Glue              $.20

Total cost:   $3.20


I’m excited for my new bust.  I mean, $.20 cents for a new bust??? 

No surgery required.

Who wouldn’t love a newly madeover bust for only $.20?

I guess having a messy crafting area where a 2 inch pile of sheet music is misplaced was a good think. I can’t imagine my bust covered in music sheet now that it is done.


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  1. Ok, wow that looks amazing now! When I first saw the before I thought, how can that looks good? haha But wow, you made it totally great. Awesome makeover!

  2. It's amazing that you did that with paper and glue! It looks so great.

  3. Looks fantastic. You gave it such a nice vintage look.

  4. That's beautiful! Thanks for letting us see how you did it.

  5. Wow! What a bargain and it turned out great! I have been on the hunt for a bargain bust myself. I love your post and would love for you to link your post up at my Savvy HomeMade blog party at

  6. way cool! Love the darker color.
    catching you this week!


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