Thursday, August 11, 2011

$3 Thursday – Wine glass charms

Wine anyone?

I know it was all the rage a few years ago to make your own wine glass charms.  It is something I never thought to do, until now.

For some time I’ve been eyeing my bingo markers and other vintage game pieces and thinking that they would make great wine glass charms.  I also have lots of beads from when I did a bit of beading. 

For a while I have been searching for inexpensive hoop earring to make my wine glass charms.  Finally I found some beverage i.d. hoops at a discount store I like to check out every now and then.  $.99 for 12 – sold.  In fact I grabbed two packs.

And then they sat, and sat, until today.

I finally gathered some supplies, plugged in my mini drill and went to work.


I have a set of small dice that I thought would be the perfect charm.


I carefully drilled a hole in the dice, keeping track that I would have a set with all the numbers.


I wanted to add a bit of color and I just happened to have some  turquoise beads.  I think they added just the bit of color I was looking for.




Perfect, I love the results.


I think a set of 6 would make a great gift.


Don’t they look great?


Now to sit back and enjoy a drink in a glass that I know is mine….


Uh oh, I see this jar of game pieces calling my name.

I may just see more game piece wine charms in my future.



Beverage i.d. hoops                  $.99 for 12

Dice or game pieces of your choice         Craft supply

I had game pieces but if you don’t have any you can usually find game at thrift store or garage sales for

Small beads                  Craft supply

Drill                 Craft supply

Total cost:       $.99/12 plus a few on hand supplies


I really like how this project turned out.  I did use all 12 of the small dice that I had so I have two sets of six charms.


Sit back, relax and have a glass of wine or the beverage of your choice with me.




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