Saturday, February 5, 2011

The power of paint

My painting time is extremely limited in the wintertime but I did recently finished revamping a few vintage pieces to list in my etsy store.

I shared some of the pictures with you in their original state here.

I painted two wall pockets with silver and then glazed them to tone down the silver.  They ended up looking like aluminum to me and I really liked the final results.


Look at the detail of this piece – wonderful.


One almost has a bronze look to it.


I love the look I got with the glaze I used.

I think I’ll have to use it more often. 100_5757

I don’t know what I would put in it to not distract from its beauty.


I love this aqua accent mirror, it was another vintage piece that I updated with some paint and glaze.

100_5739  I coated this mirror in aqua with a light coating of some silver.100_5741

The glaze did wonderful things with the silver paint, making the glaze take on a silver grey tone.100_5742

I like that it toned down the aqua color to a more muted tone.


I fell in love with this fan shaped frame.

I had a hard time deciding what to put in the frame, finally deciding on a flocked vellum paper that I had on hand.



How can you resist the bow on the top of the frame?


A little crackling in the finish is a perfect compliment to the flocked paper.


I love the different textures of the frame and the paper. 


Hopefully someone else will love these details just as much as I do.


I’m still trying find a place in my apartment for this mirror.


100_5771I love it but so far can’t find a place for it so it might end up in my etsy shop as well.

Just look at the details of this vintage frame.


The glazing looks a lot darker in the above picture than it does in person.

I wish I could find more of this frame.100_5773

Don’t you love the old ladder and miscellaneous pictures and frames that are reflected in it??

Not the best idea but heck that is what  a corner of my bedroom currently looks like.  Frames just hanging around.

This frame is plastic if you can believe it.

Lightweight, detailed, and it had an unbroken mirror still in it.

It cleaned up beautiful with a fresh coat of paint, glaze and windex.



My thrifting this week wasn’t too great but I did get a few frames and a couple smaller pieces that I plant to clean up and update with paint and glaze.


Ahh, the power of paint…




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  1. I LOVE that mirror!!!! And the pockets too....I think those would be incredile with some dried flowers....something like hydrangas maybe....or maybe some driewd lavendar....

  2. I love that little blue mirror, you did an amazing job! Thanks so much for your sweet comments:)


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