Monday, February 28, 2011

WWDD? aka….What would Donna do?

Last week I found a fun piece to make over and thought of Donna over at My Shabby Chateau who I think of as the Queen of Syroco.  You probably know what I mean if you have been to her blog or etsy shop.  I think she can find Syroco pieces anywhere.  Me, I hardly ever find Syroco but I do find Dart and Homco pieces quite often.

When I did find a Syroco piece last week I immediately thought of Donna.  Then I wondered what will I do with the piece to make it over.

Hmm, I wondered  WWDD  (what would Donna do)?  I even posted a comment on her blog about this to which she answered…. paint it Heirloom white!  She didn’t even know what Syroco piece  I was talking about!  That’s just her style, lots of chippy, shabby, Parisian style white decor items.  Seriously if you haven’t already, check out her blog here.

Ah, her finds make me jealous sometimes.

So Donna, if you happen to visit my blog, here is the piece that made me think of you.

Look at all those lovely flowers.


Look at this funky butterfly.  I don’t think I’ve seen such a stylized butterfly before.


Did I mention that this piece is big, well maybe huge is more like it.


It is over 3 feet tall and about 20” wide.

It is still in this state.  I haven’t broken out the white paint yet.

Well, at least I think it might end up white.  I’m still kicking around the idea of painting it something other than white.  I think I just broke Donna’s heart.  Sorry Donna.

Maybe pink flowers, then white over the top with some distressing to bring out some pink on the flowers?  Maybe it is ok if I take my inspiration from and tweak WWDD just a bit to make it my own. :)

Stay tuned for a final reveal….that is, once I know what I will do.


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  1. Hi June!
    Wow, you really made my day! I love your post, and thank you SO much for referring to me, as well! The thought that I can be an inspiration to someone is just awesome! What a lucky find, I can not wait to see what you do with this gorgeous piece! And I will forgive you if you don't paint it HW:) Thanks so much for your fun post!!!

  2. just leave it as is and hang it horizontally above your bed. Or sell it to me, I just love it !


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