Monday, January 31, 2011

New cards and giveaway reminder

I’ve made a few more cards lately.
Sometimes I wonder why when I already have so many but since I enjoy it and it is a relaxation for me most of the time I’ll keep making them.
I wanted to remind everyone of my 50 card set giveaway that I posted here. Edit - giveaway closed.
I’ve decided that since I’ve made more than 50 cards since I posted the giveaway that I’m going to draw one winner of the 50 card set and a few more names to send a couple cards.
Giving away more than 50 cards should put a little dent in my stash.
Who am I kidding??  I probably won’t miss them.
And if I do, I’ll just make some more.
You know I have the supplies for it!
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cookies, cookies, cookies

Earlier this week I made these cookies trying out a new frosting recipe.


I liked the frosting so I think I’ll use this recipe for most of the cookies I decorate.

I got the recipe from Cookie Crazie here.

Today a few of my sisters came over with cookies in hand, and left with numerous decorated cookies.

I mixed up 10# of powdered sugar into frosting and was only left with a few quarter filled bottles.


I still have a dozen or so cookies that I can decorate.

Maybe tomorrow.

Here are some of the cookies we decorated.

There were cookie pans everywhere.

I bet we decorated around 300 cookies between us.




Hmm, next time I rig up some sort of extra table or ask someone to bring over a few card tables.


Thanks to all for the great day.

I can’t wait until we do it again.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Groupon - Half off Bath and Body Works

Well, almost half off depending on how you shop.
Groupon has $30 at Bath and Body Works online for only $15.
You can also get $20 for $10 if you only need a few things.
Bath and Body works
I love Groupon.  It’s a great way to get discounts on things you normally buy or to try new stores at a deep discount.  Most items are half off.
I ordered from them Christmas Eve and was very happy with the fast shipping on the items I ordered.  I bought mostly clearance items then so now I want new fruity scents.

With new scents out I’m going to be thinking spring when I go shopping.
This Groupon is valid only online, not in stores, and valid until April 27th but I don’t think I’ll have a problem using it by then. :)
Get your discount here.

$3 Thursday - Another Love banner

I don’t know why but I’ve made more love banners this year that I’ve probably ever made.


This one I made with some chipboard pages from a mini scrapbook from the dollar section of Michael’s.  They usually have some great shapes and you can’t beat 5 or 6 chipboard shapes for a dollar.

To start I used two sheets of patterned cardstock to cover the chipboard pieces.


I used some letter cards that I had in my stash but never used.


I grabbed some clear flowers and colored them with alcohol inks.  Both are items that I haven’t crafted with in a long time.


The silver glittered embellishments were a dollar a package from Target.

They have some great items for $1 in the scrapbooking section.


I attached the flowers to the letter cards with an eyelet.


I also used a few eyelets in the already punched circles in the letter cards.


This Lucky in Love is from a sheet of scrapbook paper that I’ve cut up and used on a few Valentine projects.


I don’t have a lot of space to put all these mini banners so I set this one on my ribbon jars over the pinks and reds.


Looks good and it doesn’t take up much space.


Not bad for a couple dollar craft supplies and items from my stash.


The only things I’ve purchased recently is the chipboard album and the chipboard accents, the rest are items from my craft hoard supplies.


Chipboard album         $1

Chipboard accents       $1

Papers               craft supply

Eyelets                craft supply

Clear flowers            craft supply

Alcohol Inks            craft supply

Alphabet cards        craft supply

Binder clips         craft supply

Total cost:            $2*


* plus craft supplies on hand

I’m sure you have similar or other items in your stash that you could use to decorate your own Love Banner.




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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

XOXO – covered letters

After seeing lots of decorated letter for everyday and seasonal decor I decided to look for some letters to decorate.   I originally thought of ‘Love’ or Kiss but after seeing X and Q on clearance for 35 cents each I decided on X O.  Well I hoped that I could turn the Q to an O without too much work.


I think it was a success.


I can’t tell where I had to do a little surgery on the former Q.


I decided to cover the edge of the letters with some book binding tape that I’ve had in my stash for a while.  It covered the hole perfectly.


The best part about the book binding tape was that it was self adhesive so I didn’t have to glue it on.


The colors I had were a perfect match to some papers I had on hand.


I put it on display in place of a frame that I had listed in my etsy store and sold. 


I think I need a bit more height in that spot so I might just have to go see if I can pick up another X and Q and make another set that I can stack on top.


What do you think?  Another set?

Not bad for $.75 cents and supplies I had on hand.



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Miranda who?

If you don’t have a teen or tween you might never have heard of Miranda Cosgrove or I-Carly.  With a 13 year old I’m familiar with her and the I-Carly gang.

A couple weeks before Christmas my daughter saw that Miranda Cosgrove was going to be at the State Theatre in Minneapolis in January so she quickly added it to her wish list.

I looked up the tickets and decided that $44 for a concert ticket was probably about the cheapest concert she would want to go to.

So, for Christmas I got tickets to it.  One for my daughter, one for a friend and one for me.

I think it will be the two girls first concert.  It will be my first concert in many years, ok many, many years. :) 


I’m sure the moodiness of last night will be forgotten today when it is ready to leave for the concert.  Hopefully it will be a fun time.

Me and a couple hundred teens or tweens plus a few other chaperones. 


I’m not looking forward to the drive to and back from Minneapolis in the winter in the dark but the things you do for your children….  Hopefully the roads will be clear and it doesn’t start snowing or blowing.

Hopefully this will be a great experience for all.



Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bo Bunny Love Bandit cards

I found the cutest paper yesterday from Bo Bunny.

It is called 12” love bandit cut outs.

I forgot to take a picture before I cut it up and made it into eight cards.


These cards are perfect for Valentines day


or just to say I love you to someone.


I love this deer.



100_5577 100_5578 100_5579 100_5580 100_5581 100_5582

I cut up one sheet of patterned paper,

two heart pattern scraps,

4 sheets of cardstock,

4 flowers,

1 stamp,

some ink,

and a couple punches.


These cards were pretty easy to put together.

Just the way I like it.


To possibly win these cards or a customized set of 50 cards check out my giveaway here.




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Friday, January 21, 2011

22 below and I’m thinking paint??

Partly Sunny -22°F Partly Sunny

Yep current temp at 9:17am.
Seriously, 22 below zero shouldn’t be allowed.
Sure the sun is shining which in nice in the winter but it’s cold.
A good day to stay inside and think about paint.
Why paint?
It’s been a paint filled week.
Last month I won a Scotch Blue giveaway at Finding Fabulous.
This week two rolls of Edge Lock painters tape arrived making me think of all the projects I want to paint but it is too cold to do it.
Then I finalized my order of 6 cans of paint from Krylon that I was luck enough to win from Carolyn at My Backyard Eden.  Did you know that Krylon has a mirror paint, glass paint and a spray paint and varnish remover?  I didn’t and I’m going to try them as soon as it warms up, hopefully by my birthday in June!

If that isn’t enough paint in the middle of winter, I was up at midnight and tried for Valspar’s sample pack last night and got one.
You can check out the paint at Valspar and try for your own sample.  They are giving away 1000 samples a day for 100 days!

Maybe today is a good day to bake or decorate a few more cookies.
Here are some of what I decorated earlier this week.
100_5547 100_5548 100_5549 100_5550 100_5551 100_5552 100_5553

Please send your warm wishes my way.
No one should have to go outside when it is 22 below.

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