Thursday, February 3, 2011

$3 Thursday – Memory frame necklace

I haven’t been feeling too creative lately.

Maybe this is why.


Yep, that was my main crafting area.

Hmm, is there really a desk under there?


To be fair I had started moving things around a bit before I took the pictures so it wasn’t quite this bad to begin with, pretty close but there was more work area showing.

I decided to just spend time cleaning up my crafting area.

Along the way I found these Memory Frames I bought a while ago.

I have seen lots of great things done with them and wanted to try them.


Even the box of the glass pieces shows a great necklace with them.


Last week I cut a floral scrap to the size of the frame.

I didn’t do anything else at the time beside put the paper.  Could it be I stopped there because I couldn’t find the ball chain to make it into a necklace???  Hmm, maybe.


Today I realized I needed another scrap for the other side of the frame.

I cut a striped piece of paper.  It has a distressed, muted look that I love. 100_5789

I grabbed a few layers of flowers and a rhinestone brad for the center.


I love the layered look of the flowers.


The more neutral side.


And the more colorful side.


One of the best things about these frames is that all you need to do is cut paper to size if you want.  There is a hinge closure, not glue or jewelry supplies needed.

Two great necklaces from one frame.


I wear lots of green and I think I’ll have a hard time deciding what side to showcase.


Besides a finished necklace I also have a clean work space.


The only thing I’m not too happy with is the ‘in progress’ box that I made out of a painted clementine box.  With the large piece of paper it is blocking easy access to my embellishments in the holder behind it.


I think I have a solution.  A tray on top of some plastic drawers might be a better spot for my ‘in progress’ projects.  Then again, I’m usually a out of site, out of mind type of crafter and have been know on occasion, to have more than one project going at once.

Who am I kidding?   I always have numerous projects going.


Well, for now I’m going to enjoy by clean work space.

Maybe it will usher in lots of creative inspiration.

A clean workspace and


a two in one necklace.



Not a bad day crafting.



Memory Frame 3/$5.25…….. $1.75 each

Memory Glass  24/$6.50………..$.27 each, two need

Paper pieces………. scraps, free

Flowers………. craft supply

Rhinestone brads………craft supply

Ball Chain 10/$.50 at a garage sale this summer…. $.05 each

Clean workspace………….  Priceless

Total cost  $2.07 



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  1. These look awesome and the possibilities are endless. I like what you chose for the inside and the flowers add just the right touch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it! Definately going on my "to do" list!

  3. Love the paper...I did one last year w/ my Mom's baby pic...I like the flower too! Well done!


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