Friday, February 11, 2011

New thrifty makeovers

I’ve listed a few newly revamped items in my etsy store this week.  Here are some of my latest projects.
This frame is thick but very lightweight.  It is some sort of dense foam product.  I had a hard time deciding if I should insert corkboard or chalkboard.  Corkboard won out as I had more on hand.  I think it was a good choice as it sold the same day I listed it.
100_5906 100_5908
I love this wood address box.  If I didn’t already have a wish list box I think I’d keep it for that.
I’ve had this frame for a while and finally put a metal sheet in it and listed it as a magnetic memo board.  I love the details of it.
I gave you a sneak peak of this frame when I started painting it.  This one I decided would make a great chalkboard.  I like the muted green color with the black chalkboard.
Pantone calls this Honeysuckle but I think of it more as Berry Pink, for some reason when I think of Honeysuckle I think light pink or light yellow, but then I guess I’m not too knowledgeable about flowers.  It was in a Honeysuckle treasury with lots of other great pink products.
There was a small chip in the mirror and I couldn’t decide if I liked it as a mirror or a chalkboard better so I decided to give whoever buys it the choice.  I think I like the chalkboard look but I’m not sure about having such a long skinny chalkboard.
I wasn’t sure when I found this mirrored shelf but I guess it was a good find.  I shipped it off to MT within hours of listing it.
I guess the swirls and curls that grabbed me stood out to someone else.
100_5852 100_5853
This one is on its way to sunny Florida.  I wish I could have fit myself in the package.  I could use a little fun in the sun and sand.  I guess I’ll have to settle for sun and snow…. it’s not near as fun.

I also tried something different.   I listed a couple vintage leather trench coats that I rescued.  I initially thought I would cut them up for more coasters but decided they were in too good of shape to immediately cut them up.  Maybe someone out there will love them for their great vintage looks.
I’ve got a couple more jackets that I think I’ll list as well.  I think they are in just too good of a condition to scavenge them for the leather.
Some have great details that you rarely find today.

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