Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It’s finally hung -

I’ve shared a few pictures of my framed succulent planter and I’m happy to say I finally painted the frame and hung the planter up.

I will craft... Succulent Planter

It is hard to believe that the planter filled in so much since this spring.  I will craft - framed succulents

I few of the larger plants are hanging down a bit but I’m hopeful they will perk up with a few more days of sunshine.  The planter is pretty protected and it passed the first rain with no plants lost.

I will craft- framed succulents (2)

It will be interesting to see how the plants grow now that they are hanging up.

I will craft... succulent planter

I love checking for new flowers, aren’t these pink ones pretty?

I will craft - framed succulents (4)

I love the pink tips on this plant, it always grabs my attention.

I will craft - framed succulents (5)

I don’t think I could be happier with all the different colors and textures in this one planter.

I will craft - framed succulents (7)

An old iron headboard is the perfect spot from which to hang my planter. 

I will craft... Succulent Planter

Now I finally feel that this little corner of my patio is complete, at least for a little while.


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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Too early to be thinking Halloween?

I know it is only the end of July but would you believe I was thinking about Halloween not only today but a month ago when I bought this?

Blog 046

Of course I didn’t look like a spooky Halloween house when I bought it.  It was more like this.

Blog 053

Yep, it was  a Christmas house but not your typical Christmas Village, this was meant for the kitchen.

Blog 051

This set was five pieces that together make a full holiday decorated inn.  I knew when I first saw it that it had potential.  I was able to look past the salt & pepper shakers, cookie jar, sugar and creamer set  and see the great Halloween house that it could be.

  Blog 044

No, I won’t be using this creamer anytime soon.

Blog 047

I won’t be storing sugar in here.

Blog 045

It makes too good of a great spooky house to use the individual pieces.  I’ll be keeping it together as one great house.

Blog 046

It was a quick and easy transformation, a coat of primer, a coat of black paint and a light spray of Krylon Glitter Blast and the spooky transformation was complete.

The best part of this transformation was the price tag – 25 cents. 

Yep, a whole 5 piece set for a quarter.

Blog 043

Now if this house was life size the entrance might keep me away but since it fits into my hand it doesn’t scare me one bit. 

If you see Christmas items at a garage sale, don’t let this scare you away,

Blog 013

See the potential and make your own haunted house like this.

Blog 041

  It might just be the best 25 cents you ever spend!



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Monday, July 16, 2012

Vintage inspired cards

I stayed inside most of yesterday and was able to make a few cards.  I started with some Attic Boutique paper from Stampin UP! and ended up with some great vintage inspired cards.

 Blog 005

This card was made mostly with scraps that were sitting on my desk.

Blog 006   Blog 009

The butterfly on this  card is from K & Company which has lots of great vintage and botanical accents.

Blog 010

I added a little of shimmer with a Gelly Roll pen.

Blog 011  I’ve been waiting for a while to use some vintage doilies that I picked up at a garage sale a while ago and thought it was the perfect background behind this balloon die cut.

Blog 013  Blog 015

This card was quick and simple, I stamped on a die cut and attached to a scalloped card base. 

It is predicted to be close to 100 in Minnesota today so it might be another great day to stay inside and make cards.  If it is hot in your area I hope you are finding ways to keep cool.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Do you Smash?

I’ve been enamored with the idea of Smash books and finally took the plunge and made a Smash book of my own. 

I’ve scrapbooked on and off for many years but haven’t made a scrapbook for quite a while so I thought a Smash book might be just the thing to help me start and complete a scrapbook of sorts.  I love that pretty much the only rule with a Smash book is that there is no rules – put in what you want, the goal is to just get it, whatever ‘it’ is for you, done.

And so my Smash book is 30 days of June. 

Blog 003

I love the chipboard and foam letters and numbers that make up my title.

Blog 004 

Blog 002  I really did fill up my book so if you want it to close all the way you would really need to smash it closed.

Blog 007

I purchased a few other Smash products like these little tags to help me accent my pages and keep me Smashing.  The “I will make this!” tag became one of my favorites since I knew I might need the inspiration to just finish the project – I will make this – I told myself that more than once.

Blog 011

Some pages detail my days,

Blog 012 or favorite things like a birthday card from my daughter,

Blog 014

or describing a camping trip.

Blog 015

There are even a few pages of special treats and favorite products,

Blog 023

or ongoing lists.

Blog 024

I love that some of the pages have a starting point to help you complete the page.

Blog 031

Many of the graphics in the Smash book I picked were vintage inspired.  Another great thing about Smash books is that they come in different themes so I’m sure there is one that you will fall in love with.

Blog 033

If you are intrigued like I was with the concept of ‘Smashing’, take my advise and grab a book, your favorite embellishments and Smash.

Blog 034

And so you have a peak inside of my journal of 30 days in June.  I didn’t quite complete the whole book in June but I’m calling it a success and hopefully the first of many more Smash books.

Blog 003

Have you Smashed and if so what have you Smashed?  I’d love to hear about it as I have a smaller book just waiting to have things Smashed in it. 


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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Framed garden update

I’m not sure I have any readers out there since I sort of took an unexpected hiatus from blogging for quite a while.   I wish I had a good reason but I really don’t.  I just needed some time away from my blog and for the longest time I didn’t miss it at all.  I have been feeling a bit more creative lately and decided it was time to try to post a bit more often.  At least I’m hoping to be able to keep posting, or rambling as I like to think of it.

I thought I’d share an update of a couple of the planters I made this spring.




Here they are today, three months later.

 Plants 002

Plants 001

At first they were slow to grow but they have really filled in and I love looking at them.  Here are some close ups, I just love the different colors and textures in these planters.

Plants 018

Plants 019

Plants 020

Plants 023

Plants 024

Plants 029

Plants 030

Plants 033

Plants 034

Plants 035

I hoped you enjoyed my virtual planter tour.

 Plants 004

Now if I could just decide what color to paint the frame or if I even want to paint it or just varnish it to keep the chippy look it has now.

Thank for looking and not giving up on me.


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