Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween cards – day five

havestampswillcraft scary stuff card

Here are the last two cards I made with the Halloween papers and accents I had in my stash.

havestampswillcraft trick or treat card

I have these and other cards available for sale in my Etsy store if you are looking for some handmade cards.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween cards – Day four

havestampswillcraft poison card (2)

Who doesn’t want a magic potion but I don’t think I’d want to find any of these jars in my cupboards.

havestampswillcraft poison card

This whole card screams poison, just perfect for Halloween.

havestampswillcraft red spider card

This is a a less scary Halloween card.

Framed garden update

With the cooler weather my framed succulent garden has changed to a lot more red rather than the green it was in the summer.


Many of the plant now match the frame.  DSCN0454

These pictures are from a few weeks ago when the plants were just starting to change colors. DSCN0456  DSCN0541



The orange-red plant on the left is now a deep red, almost matching the paint of the frame.

DSCN0544  DSCN0546


I really love the shape of this plant and love that the tips of the plant started to change color.



There was a rush of new growth in one corner of the planter.





A few of the plants haven’t changed color and help with the contract of colors in the frame.


Here is the frame in the middle of the summer.

Plants 002

Here it is in the early fall.


I can hardly believe the color changes in the last month. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Patio and $3 Thursday wreath update

I finally update my patio for fall and thought I’d share a few pictures.

I had most of the decorations on hand but did buy a few pumpkins and a few mum plants.


The bamboo birdcages I had out all summer are looking a bit worn with chipping paint but I think that fits in perfect for fall.  I managed to catch a few glittered mice in them as well. :)


The mice were after holiday finds last year for a few dollars.  Since they were so inexpensive I won’t mind at all if they they only last a few weeks outside.




The air conditioner doesn’t get much use now but it holds a few light items just fine.


The mouse in this picture got a bit frisky today.  He knocked down a few items and broke the pot.


Hanging mum plant with thrifted basket and garland.


You might recognize this wreath faux feather wreath from last year. 


I added a Halloween tray that I picked up at a discount store for $1.19. You can probably find similar trays or plates with Halloween decoration on them at your local discount or dollar store.

I think a tray or plate like this would look great on its own as an unique door or wall display.

Have you found any thrifty ways to decorate for Halloween?

Halloween cards – day three

Since I was on a roll making Halloween cards I thought I’d share a few more with you.

havestampswillcraft halloween card

A few scraps of paper and a few accents were all that was needed for this card.

havestampswillcraft jack o lantern card (2)

I love this retro, diagram looking jack-o-lantern tag that I cut from a larger sheet.  I embossed a spider web in the pattern paper to give the card a bit more texture.

havestampswillcraft jack o lantern card

A small metal tag with witches leg was the perfect accent to hang from the ribbon on this card with the same jack-o-lantern tag.

Halloween cards – Day two

I thought I’d share more Halloween cards from the set I made lately.

havestampswillcraft eeeek card

Most of the cards were quick and easy thanks to the journaling and accent cards that i was able to cut out of one sheet of paper.

havestampswillcraft elixir card

There is a funny secret behind the black spider.  Yes it was a clearance find that was in my stash, I think it was from the Target dollar spot last year.  The crazy part is a day after mentioning wooden nickels during my lunch break one of my sister offers me a bag of them and they just happened to be the perfect size to mount these spider stickers!havestampswillcraft good little witch card This card has another one of the spider stickers mounted on the wooden nickels.

One good thing about having quite a stash of products is that you might just have the perfect thing to make a really unique thrifty accents.

I might have missed the free beer the wooden nickel was once worth but I think it makes a great base for the spider stickers to make them a bit more prominent.

What free or thrifty finds have you used on your cards?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween cards

Last year after Halloween I picked up some Halloween themed papers on clearance that I knew would make great cards.  I made a large set of cards that are not too scary.

havestampswillcraft black cats prowl card

I love it when I find papers that have images that can be cut out and used as the major focus of a card.  I treat them like an ATC without all the work.

havestampswillcraft batty card

Black glittered accents are great accents on this card.

havestampswillcraft black cat cardI used a scrap of cat paper I had left from cards I made last year along with ribbon and an rhinestone accent on this card.  I love it when I’m able to use leftover accents and pieces on a card.

Do you make and send out Halloween cards and if so do you go for cute or scary cards?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thrifty fall finds

Early this fall I went to a few garage sales and a church rummage sale with one of my sisters.  I found a few things that I couldn’t pass up.


I usually can’t pass up a properly priced scrabble game, there is just something about scrabble tiles.


The green enamelware pot was priced to sell – I think it was 25 cents!  We found a similar one with holes in it that the seller was asking $3 for this was a great find.


I love this decorative Syroco frame that had a secret.  The previous owner lost the screws to hold the picture and glass in so used duct tape on the back to keep the picture in.


With these decorative corners a little duct tape couldn’t keep me from buying it.

DSCN0438  There is something about owls that draws me in and I loved this owl family.  For now they are still screaming 70’s but I think a fresh coat of paint will really transform them into the 21st century.  DSCN0441

The trays were picked up for another sisters greenhouse.  The decorative sconces were a great find and are in need of a paint makeover as the back piece is gold but the front piece for the candle is brown, not gold for some reason.


An enamelware pot and rusty muffin pan were an easy addition to my patio display.

 DSCN0444    This chair was a freebie.  I just pushed the spindles back into place and it too was an easy addition to my patio.  If it doesn’t last too long in the weather I’m not out any money and get to enjoy it for a while.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at a few of my latest finds.