Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend vintage finds

I was able to stop at a few garage sales Friday and found a few fun finds that had to come home with me.  Well, at least for a while as a few things have already been listed in my Etsy store.

I stopped at one sale where I found some spools of ribbon that will be perfect in my card making.  I think I got 10 spools, most of them 50 yard spools and most of them were new, old spools.  I used some of it already.

100_7478 100_7479


At the same sale I found some vintage bias tape and bias corded piping in great spring colors of chartreuse and canary.


The packages were marked 10 and 15 cents.  Wow, I wish I could get craft supplies for that price today!


It was great to see the original box they came in as well.  I love the graphic and won’t mind if it sticks around for a while as a great decoration as well as storage for the bias tape.


I loved this set of canisters.


I think they will make great storage.  The base is metal, the lid plastic and the handle is wood.  I love the mustard yellow color with the fun, funky flowers as decoration.

I found a few other things including a Krups waffle maker for $1.  I haven’t used it yet but it did start to heat when I plugged it in to test it.  I found some frames to paint and update and what I hope will be my best buy was a free Singer sewing machine.  Yep, free.


I’m hoping it works, the lady who owned it said it worked the last time she used it and I got the impression that was years and years ago.  It is a Touch and Sew model 600 which appears they started making in 1965.  I’m hoping once I take it in for a good cleaning I’ll have a sewing machine that will zig zag without skipping stitches. Not that I don’t like my old machine but it has a few quirks. ;)


I didn’t take a picture as I ended up putting it in a garbage bag as it smells a little dusty and musty.  I hope it doesn’t mean that there is mold or water damage to it.  I guess I’ll see how good of a machine it is when I take it in to get it cleaned and tuned up.


I had a great time at the sales I went to and hope the next sales I go to have just as many treasures awaiting for me.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

$3 Thursday – mirror revamp

I found this mirror at a local thrift store for $3.


I covered the mirror with some junk mail to prepare it for painting.

It was badly in need of a makeover.


Brown is so not its best color.

The original finish didn’t even try to look like wood like some similar mirrors I’ve seen.  The brown finish was chipping off in a few places.


Ah, much better.


What a fresh coat of paint can do is amazing.


I used glaze to give it a bit of texture and bring out the details.


Since this was a quick paint job to get pictures I missed that I didn’t get the whole railing back painted but that should be a quick and easy fix.  Or I might just put a small plant or something to cover up the not so perfect paint job.

For $3, paint and a bit of glaze I’m happy.



Mirror                 $3

Paint             craft supply

Glaze         craft supply

Total cost:   $3 plus a few supplies



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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shabby goodness

After what seems like an eternity I finally got some pictures taken of some revamps that have been done for a while.

My favorite is this aqua mirror.


For its size this baby is heavy, almost 5# for a 12” x 16” framed mirror.  It is so ornate that when I saw it I had to immediately pick it up and update the color.  I didn’t take a before picture but it was sort of between gold and silver.

Check out the details.



I’m drawn to Syroco sconces so this pair was a great find.  I’ve made other pairs over in the past in aqua but this pair got a coat of heirloom white and some glaze.


I love  the swirls and floral details.





These wall plaques would be a great addition to any wall grouping.


Who wouldn’t want this basket of flowers for their wall?


Or this spray of leaves and fruit?


I think they are a great addition to my gallery wall.


I’m hoping to have a before and after tomorrow as I remembered to take a before picture of a mirror I started working on today.

You can check out these and other items in my Etsy store.



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Monday, May 16, 2011

My 25 cent couch

Got attention?

What type of couch can you get for a mere quarter?

Sure, you see free couches but they are probably out on the side of the road for a reason, the springs are shot, it is stained or covered with cat hair.

Not this one.

I could see the potential right away.

Now to get the supplies to stuff it and find just the right place for it.

How many places can there be for a couch?

Well plenty when this is my new couch.


See, isn’t it cute?

To give you a size perspective….

Couch on couch:


Couch on book:


Couch on chair:


Couch on patio:


Couch on patio table:


Well worth my quarter.  Well, actually $1.25 if I add in the $1 entrance I paid to an indoor garage sale I bought it at this weekend. 

It was the only thing I bought at the garage sale.  I had meant to go back to a booth that has some plants but I forgot until I was almost to my car and I decided not to go back for a few plants.  Maybe it was the 5 flights of stairs I would have had to walk down and then back up again.  Ok, maybe 2 1/2 flights of stairs, I counted each landing.  I guess I’m just lazy like that….

I’m thinking I might try to fill it with moss and a little bit of dirt.  I’m thinking I might transplant a few hens and chicks and maybe some moss if I can find some – I would love to have a living couch.  Now I’d be a bit closer to a finished project if I wasn’t too lazy to go back and pick up plants at the indoor garage sale.


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Friday, May 13, 2011

Come Fly Away

I made a few more rolled paper flowers today for a butterfly themed card.


I knew I wanted to use this black, red and cream paper for the card.  After realizing I had some text paper with butterflies on it I decided to die cut a couple butterfly for the card rather than stamping an image.


I tied some black Scrappers Floss for the butterfly body and antenna and added some black Stickles over the floss to give the body a bit more texture.


I made a few rolled paper flowers and highlighted them with some Stickles as well as a few strands of beads that I got from my Mom this week.  She had about a 8” section of it that she saved thinking someone might use it.  (Hmm, wonder where I get some of my hoarding stockpiling  tendencies??  I don’t feel too bad, at least this was used within a couple days of me getting it. :) )


I few rhinestones to finish it off and bring a little more shine to it. 

This card is flying its way to a new home tomorrow.

I might just have to make another one.




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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A few more wedding cards

Here are few more anniversary and wedding cards that I made to add to my stock of cards.

They are all made with papers from the DCWV Black Currant Stack.  Have I told you lately that I love this stack??  I don’t think I needed to tell you for as many cards as I’ve made with it.  I think it is a perfect set for wedding and anniversary cards.


The ivory accent is a foam type sticker that I found at a local discount store.  It is from Forever in Time, I think I’ve only seen this brand in dollar and discount stores but I could be wrong.


I paid $1.29 a pack it had 7 larger swirls, 3 large hearts and 4 small ones.  Well worth it to add a little something to these cards.


I think I might have to go back and see if I can pick up another pack as I only have one large sticker left and have been selling a few anniversary and wedding cards lately.


I think this stamp set will stay on my crafting area for a while, it seems like every time I put it away I get a request for more anniversary cards.

Well, maybe I should put the set away if it will lead to more requests for cards.

If you are looking for these or other cards please contact me or check out my Etsy store for my card assortment packs.




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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding and Anniversary Cards

With summer and wedding season coming I though I would share a few of my latest wedding and/or anniversary cards.  A few of them are stamped on the inside but I tried to leave most of them blank so I can stamp the inside for either occasion when I send them out.

I saw some rolled paper flowers that Charity made at A Scrap of Time here.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of making rolled paper flowers before.  I’ve made rolled flowers with fabric but never paper.


  I think I found a new obsession.


I tucked a small pearl accent between the flowers on this card.


Yep, rolled paper flowers are going to be my new go to accent for wedding cards.


These are made from some text paper but I’m sure I’ll be making them in lots of colors.


I love it when I can use scraps to make an elegant card.


I love the pop of color the foil paper gives this card.


I was asked to make some sample cards for a local church to send out to couples a few months after they get married there.  I thought the Always Remember saying would be a great saying for the cards.


I like the subtle look of the white bride and groom.

I’m sending samples out today to see if this is what they are looking for.



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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thrifty Thursday – Perpetual Chalkboard Calendar

You may realized that today is not a $3 Thursday.  I didn’t want to share more cards so I thought I would share this thrifty calendar.  It is made a few items that cost under $3 so close enough for me….

This was my original idea for the earth day revamp contest but I’m sort of glad that I finished it after the fact so I have it in my home now.


I made a perpetual calendar with metal flashing, game pieces and some scrabble tiles all in a framed vintage chalkboard.


I used a frame I picked up at the Goodwill outlet.  I think it was just over $2.  I don’t remember for certain as it was priced by the pound.


I had a vintage chalkboard with a thin, plain frame.  I did have to cut it down a little bit to fit the frame but I made sure to keep the cool horse graphic on it.  I’m assuming it is a horse of some sort.  I can’t read any name or anything else that might lead to the reason for the horse. 


I attached a scrabble tile holder above the calendar and picked up all the tiles needed for each month.


I used four pieces of metal flashing for a magnetic surface for the calendar.  The letters are vinyl scrapbook stickers.


The number pieces are from a game I picked up at the thrift store.  I had to cut the pieces in half to get just one number.  I sometimes look at games to see what type of game pieces they have.  They can sometime make fun additions to crafts.


   Although there is chalk and some space to write I think I might add some Post its to the board to jot notes down.  It is sitting by by front door so would be easy to pick up notes on my way out.  Well, easy if I remember to pick them up.


I  like my new calendar and love that the numbers are magnetic so I only need to witch the numbers around and the scrabble tiles to each new month.


Vintage chalkboard           ~ $2, I don’t remember exact cost

Vintage frame                 ~ $2, paid by the pound.

Metal Flashing                 $.22* each, used four

Scrabble tiles and holder              $3 with lots left for other projects

Number game pieces              $1.50 with lots left over

Scrapbook letters                               craft supply

Magnets           ~ $2 – I used about three rolls

Foam tape        craft supply


Total cost    ~ $12**

I paid by the piece for the metal flashing.  They are 5 x 7 and I found them sold in a pack of 100 at Home Depot but asked and was able to buy part of the package by the piece.  Maybe it pays to look hopeless in a home improvement store…. :) 

** I have lots of the Scrabble game and other game left for other projects.

At first I thought I wanted a more eclectic look with various numbers but in the end I decided I like the streamline look of these.  I can always add other numbers if I decide later.  I’m thinking dominoes, mailbox numbers and bingo numbers for start.  The options really are endless.

I’m debating whether I should put this in my Etsy store as it would be a great addition to the store but I just can’t make myself list it…yet. 

Maybe one day.

This weekend there should be lots of garage sales and I’ll be on the lookout for more vintage chalkboards.

What thrifty finds have you found lately?


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