Friday, January 14, 2011

$3 Thursday Crepe Paper Rose Wreath

Oops, it’s Friday.

What happened to Thursday?

Oh well, better late than never.

I made this wreath last week and arranged a display for it yesterday.


I wanted a new wreath and since I didn’t have a Valentine wreath I decided to make one.

I guess this really could be used for more than just Valentines day since it isn’t a heart or screaming Valentine.

I started with a wreath from the dollar store, $1.

An after Christmas clearance package of red crepe paper, $0.15

and about a third of a yard of the black and white fabric I bought for $1.29 a yard.


I made about 20 rolled paper flowers from the crepe paper in various sizes.

I wasn’t very concerned about the shapes and sizes.

Each flower is made from about a yard of crepe paper.

Some are bigger and flat, others are smaller and thicker.

They all worked for me.

I know most people use a circle base and lots of hot or fabric glue when they make rolled flowers.

I however rolled my flowers until there was about 2” of paper left then attached some red liner or Wonder tape.  I covered the tape with the end of the crepe paper.

I know some of you are probably cringing that I used red liner tape but I’ve come to realized I bought the tape to make crafting easier so I’m going to use it to make crafting easier.  No burnt finger and long hot glue strings.


I tore strips of fabric about 2” wide and wrapped them around the wreath base.

With my first piece I tied knot to keep a loop of fabric to hang my wreath if I want.

I just wrapped one strip around the other so no glue or adhesive needed.

I finished off by tying the end of the last piece on the loop of the first piece.

Easy peasy.

And it will be a cinch to change the fabric if I want to update or reuse the wreath base.


I laid out the flowers until I was happy and then broke out the red liner tape once again.

A little tape on the back of the flower and stick them to the fabric covered wreath.

Quick and easy, and less than $3.

I think it might just be love at first sight.


The wreath helped me make a Valentine display in the corner where my Christmas trees were displayed.  I just couldn’t put the spun glass looking trees away yet and I love the display.




Wreath      $1

Fabric    $.65

Crepe paper     $.15

Red liner tape      craft supply

Total cost:      $1.80




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  1. Great idea! I have some crepe paper that would work for this.
    I love the "LOVE U" scrabble letters tucked in there.


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