Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I just lost 20#…. of craft supplies

These supplies are on their way to new homes.


I know I have too many craft supplies and I’m trying to pair down my supplies.

A couple months ago I set aside some crafty supplies and took them to a garage sale with my sister.  I sold a few things but at the time wasn’t ready to part with it all.

I changed my mind, well mostly.

I did pull a few things out of the box and put them back into my supply but I was on an organizing high after cleaning out my pantry.

I decided to part with a bunch of craft supplies as well.

I posted a few items on freecycle and had offers for my stuff almost immediately.

I divided the stickers and other stamping/scrapbooking supplies to give to the first four people who replied.  I felt liberated to pass on my stuff to others in need.  I posted that I wanted to give the supplies to homeschoolers or service programs so the supplies would reach a wide number of people.  I was able to give to home schools, after school programs and a children’s home.

It feels good.

I didn’t think to take a picture or weight the first two bags I gave away but here is my last two donation bags.

The first two were probably not quite as large but still a fair amount.

It feels good to be a good 20# lighter, even if it is 20# of craft supplies.

I won’t miss it.

Goodbye craft supplies.



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