Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year, new organization

It seems that every year I resolve to be better organized.
This year is no different.
Why do I resolve to be better organized each year?
Because of this…
(This is suppose to be my crafting area.  See the piles?)
and this…
(This is my main work space.  I don’t think there is 6 square inches bare right now.)
oh, and this…
(Not that a single roll or crumpled paper is a big deal but supplies do get lost and ruined when I’m not organized.)
I decided to tackle the box of wrapping paper and bags in a box under my bed.
Why the box of wrapping paper?
Mostly because it is a rather small project and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete.  Quick and relatively simple is good.
Let’s start small I say.
Maybe it will give me the inspiration to stick with getting better organized.
Notice I didn’t say get organized.  I don’t think that I’ll ever be completely organized but ever little bit will help.
This was what I started with.
I did binder clip the boxes I put away this year but then I just stuffed the box back under the bed and was going to forget about it.
The box really was layered with lots of bags, tissue paper, tags and even a holiday frame.  Don’t ask…. I guess last year I got lazy and shoved a frame in with the wrapping paper.
Look at all the torn and crumpled paper.
Seriously this blue paper is foil paper and was not cheap.
What a shame I didn’t treat it better.
Oh, and both ends were pretty much in the same shape.
Double oops.
13 rolls…. why did I feel the need to buy a roll of paper this year?
Sure it was only a dollar from Target but still, I really did have enough.
I had read a tip somewhere to use toilet paper and paper towel tubes to keep wrapping paper from unrolling.  Sorry I don’t remember where to give proper credit.  I saved a few over the past week or so and used all that I had to keep a few of the rolls together.
It worked good after I trimmed the tattered edges on a few rolls.
After cleaning the box I put all the rolls of wrapping paper back in.
Only one was so long it needed to be diagonal in the box.
I decided to save space and put some rolls inside of larger rolls.
That should help keep the paper from getting tattered too.
    I added a few flat sheets of paper and the binder clipped boxes on top of the rolls of paper.
I organized all of the gift bags and put them all in one bag.
This alone was a space saver and really helped to organize the box.
Look… 30 some pull bows.  
I don’t think one of my presents had a bow on it this year.
I wonder why… oh yeah, because they were buried on the bottom of the wrapping paper box that I tried to avoid.
Next year I think all of my present will have a bow, or maybe two or three bows.
I decided to not put tissue paper and some cello bags back in the box.
I’m going to store them with my mailing supplies for my etsy orders.
They will look a lot more professional than random plastic bags I’m using now.
There were a few boxes, a bag and some cello that I decided to part with as well.
In the spring I get together with some of my sisters and we exchange our crap, no I mean our excess craft supplies, with one another.  These boxes will be perfect to pack up my crap, oh, my ‘supplies’ to share.
I started already by putting some tags in one box already.
I’m pretty happy with my results.
Looks much better than what I started with.
Look the cover even fits on making it easier to slide under my bed.
As a reminder of what I started with..
Before                                            After
100_5320  100_5333
This feels good.
One messy area taken care of.
Maybe this will be the year that I get organized after all….
 Maybe there is hope for my craft area.

Any tips to get me organized this year?

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  1. I love my wrapping paper totes!!! They not only keep everything organized but they also keep it from getting scrunched and dusty! Stop by my mom's blog party on creative organization...

  2. June. Thank you for joining my Creative Organization Party. I hope you will come over again and share your progress in your studio. I am impressed with your wrapping paper, great job. I love the totes and the plastic drawer sets for organizing my things (I have alot of those in differing sizes). Keep up the great work.
    Hugs Gail - Decorating MY Tin Shack

  3. Your craft room is impressive! Doesn't feel so much better to have your wrapping paper organized?!?!

    I would be honored to have you add it to my blog party

    Amaze Me Monday Blog Party

  4. Phew! Doesn't that feel better!

    I've been doing the 21 day organising challenge at a bowl full of lemons where she takes one small area every day and gives us Sundays's been a real eye opener, I thought I was pretty good before!!

  5. Thanks for being a part of "Amaze Me Monday".

    ~Dittle Dattle


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