Monday, January 31, 2011

New cards and giveaway reminder

I’ve made a few more cards lately.
Sometimes I wonder why when I already have so many but since I enjoy it and it is a relaxation for me most of the time I’ll keep making them.
I wanted to remind everyone of my 50 card set giveaway that I posted here. Edit - giveaway closed.
I’ve decided that since I’ve made more than 50 cards since I posted the giveaway that I’m going to draw one winner of the 50 card set and a few more names to send a couple cards.
Giving away more than 50 cards should put a little dent in my stash.
Who am I kidding??  I probably won’t miss them.
And if I do, I’ll just make some more.
You know I have the supplies for it!
I usually link to these fabulous parties:


  1. I love your cards! Is it super selfish of me that I am so excited that even if I dont win 50, I still have another chance to win some of these?! :D Im doing a mini happy dance. (In hopes that I win-- big or small!)


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