Friday, January 21, 2011

22 below and I’m thinking paint??

Partly Sunny -22°F Partly Sunny

Yep current temp at 9:17am.
Seriously, 22 below zero shouldn’t be allowed.
Sure the sun is shining which in nice in the winter but it’s cold.
A good day to stay inside and think about paint.
Why paint?
It’s been a paint filled week.
Last month I won a Scotch Blue giveaway at Finding Fabulous.
This week two rolls of Edge Lock painters tape arrived making me think of all the projects I want to paint but it is too cold to do it.
Then I finalized my order of 6 cans of paint from Krylon that I was luck enough to win from Carolyn at My Backyard Eden.  Did you know that Krylon has a mirror paint, glass paint and a spray paint and varnish remover?  I didn’t and I’m going to try them as soon as it warms up, hopefully by my birthday in June!

If that isn’t enough paint in the middle of winter, I was up at midnight and tried for Valspar’s sample pack last night and got one.
You can check out the paint at Valspar and try for your own sample.  They are giving away 1000 samples a day for 100 days!

Maybe today is a good day to bake or decorate a few more cookies.
Here are some of what I decorated earlier this week.
100_5547 100_5548 100_5549 100_5550 100_5551 100_5552 100_5553

Please send your warm wishes my way.
No one should have to go outside when it is 22 below.

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  1. whoa!that's too cold to even imagine! I hope you're warmer now!
    you KNOW I love the way your cookies look!

  2. those are beautiful cookies! And I cannot believe they have a mirror paint! Too cool! I know you link up to a ton of parties but I'd love for you to come link up to Ladybug Blessings Handmade Tuesdays!


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