Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Finds

This weekend I found a couple thrifty items that I couldn’t pass up. 
I picked up two Samsonite suitcases, a suede jacket and a leather jacket.  All this for $5.50.  Not too bad of finds for the few garage sales I stopped at.  I also picked up some free flower pots for my sister. 
These suitcases keep finding me.   There are lots of suitcases but I seem to keep finding Samsonite ones is this color.  I had two others before I picked up these on Thursday.  The first one I got was from my Mom, it was one that my parents use for some of their travels.   Earlier this spring I found a matching larger one to go with the one from my Mom.   I can’t believe I found two more that are a close match.

I almost didn’t pick them up but something kept sending me back to look at them.   I had pretty much decided I didn’t need them but then the lady at the sale said she would give me a great deal on them.  The two of them for $1.50.   What?  Two suitcases that match what I already have for 75 cents each??? I couldn’t pass that up.

I have a stack of old suitcases.  Some are from my parents and others are ones that I have found and had to have.   Some are metal and some are leather.  I love them all for their worn look.  I can just imagine where they have been in their days of leisure travel. I think suitcases are great for storage and make an interesting display.
I stopped at another garage sale that was mostly clothes.  Usually I take a quick look for sweatshirts my daughter might like, wool sweaters to felt and leather or suede jackets.  I have made some suede flowers and a suede covered wreath and hope to make a purse from the leather.   I haven’t made a purse yet but I have some ideas that I think I’ll try soon.

I love the rhinestones on this suede jacket I found.
The leather on this jacket is so soft, I can’t wait to recycle it into something else. It has a slightly distressed look that I think will be perfect in a purse.
What did you find this week?

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