Thursday, September 30, 2010

$3 Thursday – pickled skulls

Where did the time go.   I can’t believe that I haven’t had any craft to share in the past week.   I’ve completed a couple items but nothing new.   I made a couple more frames with Halloween rub-ons and been busy painting some frames while the weather is nice but nothing finished to share yet. 


And so…. pickled skulls. 


I got this idea at the Junk Bonanza I went to earlier in the month.   I did fill my jar all the way and had left over Spanish Moss.  I have them displayed on top of the antique scale on my pie safe.  


A bit of a glare but a close up shot of them.


Close up of other items on display.  Framed rub-on art.


Baseball jack-o-lantern.




Pickled skulls  - $3.00
Bag Spanish Moss from DS  $1.00
2 bags of skulls from DS  $2.00
Large jar – I had on hand.
Total cost: $3.00


I did have some left over moss for another project. 

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