Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Junk Bonanza – jewelry finds

I found lots of wonderful unique jewelry at the show.  Some of it was true junk pieces made into jewelry and others were vintage pieces upcycled into new pieces.
I didn’t end up buying any but I sure loved looking at it all.
I loved this sign in one of the booths.
Yep, we all need continuous small treats.  I think jewelry is just the thing. 
Some of the vintage jewelry pieces were made into magnets – jewelry for your memo board, fridge or any metal surface you have.
Some of the unique pieces I found.
I’m not sure what the bases of these pieces were at one time but don’t they look great now?
Now this is a lot of bling for a wrist.
These are belt buckles with a lot more personality than I think I could pull off but they sure were an eye catcher.
Jewelry for your hair.  Too bad I don’t wear hear pins.
What a great for vintage or new scarves – watch bands.
These are earrings made from vintage film strips.  Talk about being the star of the show.
These had to be my favorite pieces…. They brought a big smile to my face.  Boy do I remember playing with these Little People.
I’m not sure I would wear one as a necklace but I sure would use one as a key chain – they had them too.
I guess I’ll be on the look out for these little guys or something similar to make one for myself.
I’ll have a few more pictures to show you later in the week.

If you are searching for some wonderful upcycled vintage jewelry pieces please check out my friend Shellie's  Etsy shop Wings of Flutter.  She makes wonderful jewelry from vintage and recycled pieces.
I had her make a ring for me from some earrings I bought this summer.

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