Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School days

It seems like many kids have been back in school for a while but today was my daughter's first day of school.
Yesterday most of the kids were back but in her school the 8th grade started today.

I know she was not really looking forward to school but I'm glad to get back in to a routine.

This is the message she left on the phone.... school  ew

I left a message for her...

I'm glad that school has finally started.
Summer was nice but I felt out of sorts not working.
I guess I need a bit more structure.
I have tried making lists of items I should do each day but I never seem to follow it.

I started working on some crafts today.
Here is what I'm working on so far.
An aqua frame and organizer.
A white mirror.
I first painted the frame ivory but it didn't look right so I'm trying white now.
I think all of these will get a glaze coat later today.

Yea, school......


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