Friday, July 30, 2010

"I'll pick them up for free.... if you redo them for me."

Seriously??  Have you ever been thrifting and hears this? 

This was part of a conversation I had with my sister last week when we were snooping in the free box of a garage sale.   What??  She was serious.  I think it was meant as a challenge and she really didn't think that I'd take it on.  Well, I've been know to take a challenge head on.  

Why?   Two reasons. 

One - This is what the item was.   

A worn out  well loved pair of skates.  Not a bad find at all.  I could see the possibilities but I knew she couldn't.   I'm sure I can make these look like treasured skates and not free pile rejects.    As you can see my mind is working already, right now I'm thinking they might be framed.   I tried laying them a couple different ways in a couple different frames that  I have on hand.

Two - This is a sister who has picked up these treasures for me lately.  

Yep, burlap sacks and frames for under $1 each.   Yes, even the LARGE frame.  That is it leaning against a door.   It measures 35" x 40". 

Wow, what a find.   Don't hate me.   She picked it up for $1.  This thing is huge.   Looks and feels like oak too.  

So, how could I say no?  

Originally I thought I'd hang them on a wreath, now I'm pretty sure I'll hang them on a frame.   What type of backing is the question.  Fabric, paper, maybe even the burlap she picked up for me.  

It might be a while until I can finish these but if I post it here I don't think I can back down from the challenge.  

Now to make them look as beautiful as I know they can be.  


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