Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bed spring jewelry holder

Remember the bed spring I found on the side of the road that  I talked about last month?  

I knew immediately that  I wanted to turn it into a jewelry holder.  First I decided it would hang on a wall in my bedroom, just behind the door.

Ok, usually it will look like this with the closet door open and the room door open.

Why do I need a new jewelry holder?  
Because of this....

And this....

Yep, my jewelry is really in this much off a mess.  

The first picture is off a make shift jewelry holder of necklaces hanging on a craft vacuum just behind the the couch.   It started out innocently enough.   When I would sit on the couch after work I would take off my necklace and need a place to hang it up.   Soon a jumbled mess was born.

The green holder is my my bathroom, it was a bit more organized but still not near enough space for the amount of necklaces I have.  There would be multiple necklaces and bracelets on each hanger.

Yesterday  I finally stopped at a local hardware store to check out something to hang the jewelry on.  I settled on these S hangers.   There were a lot of sizes and a couple colors.   I decided on these becuase of the size and the fact that the box said $.09 each.   The tag in front of the box said $.19 so I wasn't really sure what the cost would be.   When I got to the register they asked if I knew the cost and I told them the two prices and luckily for me they gave  sold them to me for $.09 each!

I can't beat that price.  Some of the other ones were $.49. 

I decided to pick up five to see if they would work as I imagined.
They worked great so back I went today and picked up another 25 of them.   Total spent $2.90 with the five of them I bought yesterday.

I started hanging them on the bed spring ends.
On the top I used ten S hooks, one on all but the outside springs.   Can you imagine how organized my jewelry will be soon?
I decided to stagger the jewelry a bit so on the second row I only put on five hooks.
Then I took a pliers and closed one end of the hook.
The closed hook.
Start hanging jewelry on the hooks to help determine where to place the other S hooks.
Luckily this was the worst jumbled mess I had to deal with.   Two necklaces caught on the clasp of another necklace.
It is starting to look good now.

Bracelets on every other hook on the top of the holder.
This is the first necklace I made, I'm rather proud of.   It was a lot of work but it was worth it in the end.  I gave my sister a lot of crap good natured ribbing while she was teaching me how to make this.
The original stone broke so I even had to replace the big stone once.

The finished holder.   I have so much jewelry that a few of the hooks have two necklaces on them.

Ok, this is how I will usually see the holder, with the door open and covering a bit of it.

I'm loving the organized jewelry now.  

There you have it, my $3 jewelry holder.   I love it. 

Keep an eye out for a discarded bed spring to make your own. 


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  1. love it! I love coming up with fun ways to store jewelry. You should check out my window frame turned into a jewelry holder at It is only a few posts back. Enjoy your new bling display.

  2. holy fabulous way to recycle! that is awesome

    Arwen68 swapbot

  3. Hey, I'm so happy to follow you! you have given me such a great idea for my creations.
    Mad About Pink from S-B

  4. Wow what an awesome idea! Very clever. I totally want to do that!

    Following you from swapbot

    -Emmanem handmade

  5. You did a very creative, lovely job. I bet you will be wearing more jewelry now that you can see it. Always my problem.

  6. I recently reorganised my jewellery collection too, I got a lot of hooks and attached them to the inside of my wardrobe - I had enough hooks for all of my necklaces. Then I went out and bought more! Oops!

    kiwifruit83 (swapbot)

  7. I came over from New Friend Friday. I love that you did the jewelry holder and the frame for $3 each. I am a bargain crafter too, and I just love finding a kindred spirit.
    Such a smart way to use an old bed spring.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. What a clever idea to get more organized! It looks great!

  9. Very creative! It will be so nice to actually be able to see everything that you have! Great job!

  10. Hi June-
    What a great eye to see in the repurposing of this bed spring. It is the perfect way to hold all of your jewels. Now you can really look over and easily pick out which pieces you want to wear each day. Very clever!
    My best- Diane

  11. Wow! You really think out of the box, I love it! And, as an aside, I love your taste in jewelry!

  12. This is fantastic! You can hang masses of jewelry. I need one!

  13. excellent find and GREAT use...tangles be gone!

  14. Where did you get them springs from I have a hanging chair but have lost the spring which looks to be the same and I need one thanks


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