Thursday, July 1, 2010

Great garage sale finds

Today was a great garage sale day.   I went out for a bit and picked up all this great stuff.   I spent less than $15 for all of these goodies.    
Check out the detail of this large wood frame.
This one is not quite as detailed but still a nice find. 
I picked up all these games at one sale.  I think I'll make magnets and pins with the pieces.   The best part is this guy bought out a game store for the inventory and said he has lots of dice and game pieces at another location and he will call me later to check them out.  
Also these games and some free flower pots for my gardening sister.  
Wait did you see the owl beauty leaning agains a Samsomite suite case?  I don't know what I was happier to snag for free.   The suitcase is the same as one I already have that was one my parents used.  
I got her for free.  I think I'll call her Hootie.  I know owls are all the rage so I had to bring her home with me.   She is in very rough condition.   Missing some sunflower seeds here on her wing.  
And lots of insect holes, especially on her face.   I brought Hottie inside but not before putting her in a bag to keep any bug and whatnot all together.
Check out the old pop top hanger.   Some free game pieces that were thrown into my box with the other games.
Now to decide what to do with the owl.  My first instinct was to paint all but the eyes white.   Any ideas welcome on what I should do with her. 

Last week I picked up this Radio Flyer wagon for her to make a small garden in for her plant sale next year. 
At that sale I picked up three of these containers.   I'm guessing they are drawerws of some sort but I don't know for sure.   I was going to give them to my sister but I think I might have to find a use for these myself.
They remind me of drawers from old hospital carts.   
I'll let you know where this stuff ends up in my house.  I see lots of memo boards in my future with game piece pins. 



  1. June those are very old refrigerator drawers. That's they way they were then. Only black and white.

  2. Thanks Eve, I didn't know fridgerator drawers were ever made of enamelware.

    I think if my hens and chicks survive the birds I might plant them in there. I have birds that like to eat my chicks, well pick at them pull them out of the ground..... doesn't that sound funny, birds eating chicks??

  3. Wow~ lots of great finds! Don't you just love garage sale season? Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments! Hope you have a wonderful 4th!

  4. Refrigerator drawers I remember them well. Cleaned many of them out for Mom.
    You really get some great finds.


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