Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chair Makeover - Part One

Last year I was suckered  rescued this chair at a garage sale.  I think I paid $5 for it.  

She had nice details.

At the time I had visions of a set of mis-matched wood chairs around my dining room table.   Well, the chair needed some work and I didn't find any partners for it so it sat at the end of the couch as a junk holder end table. 

I decided since I was home bound with my car in the shop that I was going to tackle this project.   A couple weeks ago I did some fixing of it as most of the spokes between the legs were loose or completely hanging out.   I attempted to put it back together as best I could.   The spokes are not all the way in but I'm on with that.  She is sturdy and looks great to me.  

Now to decide on the color.   Originally I was thinking black but realised that would not look good with the table I have.   A few weeks ago I rescued a couple other chairs that I think will go around my table when they are refinished so this lone chair needed to have another purpose.  

So I decided on a bit of color for this beauty.   I picked out a new spot for her (yes, I'm calling a chair her) and after looking through the paints I decide on red with maybe some black glazing on her to show the details.   I had two cans of spray paint that I paid $1.00 for both cans from the JoAnn's clearance section. 

I decided to use my spray can trigger that I bought in Wisconsin last week.  Boy it is nice to use that.   No messy fingers.  

Oh boy... she is looking rather orange.   I'm not sure that red was the right choice.  

I need to keep painting as the thought of taking the paint off was just too horrible to contemplate.    First coat on the top of the chair and it is still way too orange.

Painted the bottom and back to the top for a second coat.   Still looking orange and one can down.  Maybe there was a reason the cans were 50 cents??  What did I get myself into?   Maybe the second can will do the trick?  I can hope. 

It is a bit more like the red I had imagined after the third coat but still not what I was expecting.   Maybe it is because I'm looking at my burgundy patio set that this looks so orange.

Well, the wind picked up before I could put on what I hope will be the last coat of red.  I should be able to another full coat on it from the second can of paint I have.

I brought the chair inside to see it where I think it will go and to see if the color looks better.

Well, it does seem a bit closer to what I pictured but still not quite what I wanted.  Against the dark finish of the cabinet it does look red.

This is as far as I will get until next week however.   The wind was back today so no spray painting could be done on it.

Hopefully the rest of the spray paint and a dark glaze over it will have it looking pretty. 
Stay tuned for the finished chair next week.


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