Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Friday

Is everyone as ready for a long weekend as I am? I guess I really should not complain since I'm still looking for full time employment but it is nice to look forward to a holiday weekend none the less.

This morning before I had lunch with one of my sisters I decided to go to a few garage sales. There was not too many but I did find some great frames to revamp. I spent $1.95 including $.50 for Kool-Aid at one sale.  Here is a picture of the frames I picked up. 

Look at the detail of the two frames.  The one of the left isn't wood but the one on the right is. 
I also got some priceless art  - Maybe Mackezy Tasto will become a artist?  At this sale not too many things were marked and I offered $1 for the 3 frames since of the frames in the box, one was marked $.25 and one was marked $.50, these were all unmarked.   She took my offer after asking if I meant $1 for each frame.  I might have paid $1 for the top two frames but I'm glad she took $1 for all.  My deal and she doesn't have to pack them back up.    
She was a very nice elderly lady and I found out talking to her that she had already spent the money she hadn't earned yet on a Yorkie dog from someone who stopped by earlier.   I might go back tomorrow and see if a couple other things I liked are still there and are now marked with her prices. 
This is the largest of the 3 small frames.  This one is just over 6" x 7".
Yep, look at that...... 5 cents each for these 3 small wood frames!!

I really can't believe that some people price things that inexpensive, but hey, I'll buy it at that price.  :) 

Oh, I didn't get any of these frames at the sale with the Kool-Aid.   Funny thing about the Kool-Aid, I didn't even drink it. I try to support young kids when they are trying to make a little money. In today's case the sign said $.25 but I paid $.50 thinking there would be a nice reaction to the additional money but no. That's OK, I did it because I wanted to give the extra money.

Why didn't I drink the Kool-Aid?? While the parents were telling the young girl to make sure to use the cup to scoop out the ice she dug her hand right in and put the ice in the cup! I could just see her parents and brothers cringing.

I said it was OK when the girl looks at her hands and says they they are clean. Sure they looked clean after dipping them in water with a few ice cubes! I can only imagine what really was on her hands.

Then the Dad says that she should fill up the cup fuller as it was about 1" from the top. Again I said that is OK as I really didn't need her to pour any more into the cup.

Well I took my cup and while walking back to my car I looked in and could see two rather large pieces of something on the bottom of the cup! I took the cup all the way to the car before I discreetly poured it on the ground and put the cup in my cup holder.   Ahh, money well spent on encouraging the entrepreneurial  spirit of the youth! 

Oh, and I'm so excited to share this..... Check out my friend Maryann at Domestically Speaking.    She saw my Framed Alphabet art when I linked up to her Power of Paint Party on Wednesday and said it will be showcased tomorrow on her Power of Paint Party Spotlight tomorrow!  

Wow, thanks again Maryann.  My second features on this project.  I'm so happy others are enjoying my creations.   It keeps me creating and sharing with you.  Please check out her site for more great ideas.    

Happy 4th to everyone.  Please have a happy and safe holiday.  

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  1. I hate it when I my kids have a lemonade stand! It's the same as standing on the street with a "Give me money, please?" sign! I only let them do it once or twice a year. What a nice gesture :)

  2. Ok I heard that it's like a cardinal sin to ever drive by a lemonade stand without stopping. Is that true?

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner


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