Saturday, July 17, 2010

My little visitor

The last couple years every spring I watch birds enter a vent that is in the apartment wall outside my patio.  Sometimes I can even hear the birds in the vent when I am in my bathroom.     

I think this is the second nest in the vent this year.   Here are some pictures I took a couple weeks ago when a bird went from a sign to the vent and back numerous times.   
This vent is about 8 feet off the ground.

All these years I have never saw any baby birds.  I've heard them but never saw them until yesterday.   I heard a chirping sound that sounded just a bit different.   I took a look out on the patio and I saw this little fellow right next to the screen door.   It made its way along the patio while I got the camera. 

Isn't he or she cute?   I can't believe it was out of the nest already.   Poor baby, I felt bad thinking of how far it fell.
Her it is inside a clay pot I had sitting on the patio table.

Look at how small it is.  There is no way it should be out of the nest already.

It looks so scared.
I love this picture of it looking up at me.  I tried to get a picture of its beak open but I couldn't get one.
I got a chair and was just able to return the bird to it's nest, well I hope it was the right nest.
When I was trying to get the baby back in the nest I could hear other babies but once I got this little baby back in there I didn't hear another peep. 

I did see a momma bird go back in the nest in a few minutes so I hope she was happy with me for returning her baby to the nest. 

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