Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer beauty

Ok, I've been lacking in the creative projects lately so here is some of natures beauty.   Well, actually I give most of the credit to my sister Gail.   I'm currently staying at here house for a few days and this is some of the beauty that abounds her yard.   

Out the back door.

Wonderfully rusty display of art. 

Love the ginormous snowball bush.  They are a bit droopy from all the rain lately but beautiful.

Check out what my creative sister can do with a few bicycle wheels.

A closer view of the trellis o' wheels.

Seriously, how creative is my sister..... she can even make a compost area pretty.

Ah, she did like the faux chandelier that we made.  She picked out a perfect spot to hang it up.

A close up of a garden totem that she made.  Luckily she taught me how to make this last fall when I visited.

Another totem.

Gotta love creative uses for Mason jars.

A newly re-purposed wringer-washer made into a beverage holder.

Another not so little nook behind the garage.

A little place to sit if you are inclined.

Yep, that's right... .a typewriter along with inspiration.

A lovely fountain.

I love these pink and green plant in the old canning pot.   Yes, me the somewhat reluctant gardener does not know the name of this plant.   Luckily I don't think my master gardener sisters are too ashamed that I don't know much about gardening but do enjoy theirs.    
This backyard has many hidden gems.

Is that a bird hiding behind the flowers?   
This is just a few of the wonders of my sisters garden.  I hope you enjoyed a peek in her garden.  Thanks Gail for all your hard work!

Hopefully while I am visiting Wisconsin I'll get some great creative ideas to share.   As you can see I'm in the company of a very creative person.  I'm sure we will get some creative energy going. 

Tomorrow we are taking a card making class with acetate.  I have not been working on cards for a while but I'm sure I'll get lots of ideas at this class to get me in the paper crafting spirit.    



  1. I LOVE that wheel trellis! It's gorgeous! What a beautiful garden you sister has!

  2. I too love the trellis -- how did she link the wheels, exactly?


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