Monday, March 14, 2011

No chicks were harmed in the making of this post......

How’s that for a title?
I was torn between it and ‘Three Chicks walk into…’
But I wasn’t sure walking into… my apartment was too exciting.
Since I did take pins to the chicks (gasp) I think I picked the right one.
100_6626 A couple weeks ago I saw these chicks at a discount store and had to pick them up.
100_6610 I mean, look at them.  Could you resist them for a dollar each?
I picked up three yellow and three white ones.
I’m the proud owner of half a dozen chicks.
I wasn’t exactly sure how I would display them but I had a few ideas.
100_6609  I had planned all along to make a basket weave pattern with crepe paper and when I saw some left over insulation foam I had from mailing a mirror it was a match made in heaven.
I lined up strips of crepe paper along two of the sides and attached them with stick pins.
(I knew the dull, blunt end dollar store stick pins would come in handy one day.)
100_6613   Then I flipped it over and made sure all the crepe paper would cover and reach around to the back of the foam.
100_6614 I then ran the long strip over and under the shorter strips of crepe paper. 100_6616
It worked best to fold back every other strip and then lay the long strip down and switch what short strips are up and what are down.
I tried to make sure the paper was as close together as I could make them.
I pinned all the strips on the back and covered them with tape.
I don’t think the tape was necessary but I wanted to be sure they stuck in and didn’t mark up my wall.
I love the weave pattern.
Then to decide what chicks to display.
My first thought was two yellow and  one white.
Then I tried three yellow and liked that better.
I used some of the stick pins to go through the wire on the chicks and then into the foam.  I didn’t take a picture but this is where I tell you that I didn’t harm the chicks as I stuck them with pins!
The stick pins held up to the vertical test.
No falling chicks.
Look at those cute little feet.
100_6628 They are keeping an eye out on you, oh I mean me.
I’m not sure where their final home will be but for now they are perched (yeah I went there) on a frame I have against the wall under my rainbow ribbon jars.
For now they are at home and I have completed my first Easter craft.
Don’t forget that no chicks were harmed in the making of this craft….
I guess I really do have a thing for trios.
Now to decide what to do with the other three chicks I have.

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  1. Love your chicks. I've been wanting real chicks, but Papi says "No". Wonder what he would say about having some like yours. Of course, they won't be laying very many eggs and that was my desire, Fresh Eggs.

    Have a God Filled Day

  2. These chicks are adorable! Great bargain and love how it turned out!

  3. Too cute! And I love your sense of humor too!

  4. I want one (or 3)! So cute and creative!

  5. This is a super cute idea. I love the chicks.

  6. Adorable...very cute and YAY for a bargain too.
    jumping over from TT&J. This would be cute for a chick themed room as well.

    lauren @

  7. These made my morning :) So cute!

  8. You've chosen a great title! Those chicks are so cute. Perhaps you'd put on some eggs later.

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