Thursday, March 3, 2011

$3 Thursday - Peep Show

I’ve been seeing Peeps in the stores for a while and with the exception of one box of Valentine hearts I’ve stayed away…. until yesterday.

I just couldn’t resist and bought two boxes when I was at the grocery store.  I would have probably bought more but I wanted to keep on my budget and I only planned on picking up a few items.


So I gathered a few supplies and created my own Peep show display, safely behind jars.

I gathered some jars of various sizes.


My Peeps and some holiday marshmallows I haven’t used yet.

100_6267 And then I started with layering them in the jars.

I thought the green made a great ‘grass’ for the Peeps to stand on in the widest jar.


I filled the center with the pink stars.

There was one too many purple bunnies for the large jar and I’m proud to say it made it into another jar instead of my mouth.  I had visions of taking a picture with an ear cut off. :)


The display wasn’t quite right so I found some ribbon.


Ah, that is more like it.  A small finishing touch to the top of the jars.



It still needed a little something so I got out a plastic doily that I had on hand to set the jars on that.  Better.


I love the swirly details of this doily with the spring colors.


I wish I could say this counter will stay this clean but it looks nice and neat… for now.


My own Peep Show… safely behind bars jars.

Hopefully this will help them last a bit longer than an open box.

That is just an invitation to grab one or two every time I pass it.



Various size jars            craft supply

2 boxes Peeps @ $.89              $1.78

Bag and half of marshmallows        on hand, I think $.50 or less a bag after Christmas

Ribbon             craft supply

Doily              craft supply

Total Cost:   $2.53

Time:  quick and easy

Notes:  I think next time I’d buy more Peeps and put them all in jars in a more random fashion.  I’m sure I’ll buy more Peeps and refill the jars.

Now you can create your own Peep show in a jar.




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  1. How cute and so creative! I never would have thought to use Christmas marshmallows and Peeps to make such a cute display! You have better self control than I do, I would have eaten that lonely Peep, or a few more!

  2. Really cute display! If I made one I do not think that it would make it past one day with the grandchildren though. Then again, I just mite do this!

  3. Sweet...literally!! And I must admit I think the title of this blog post is so fitting!

    My Flaunt It link: A Beautiful Girl

    Do stop by if you get a chance to visit. Happy Happy Rango Weekend.

  4. I love this idea! It is a great way to use Easter color and those darn peeps!! Great idea

  5. SO cute! I would probably see jars missing peeps though! My mom loves those little fellas!

    -Many Smiles!

  6. Seriously brilliant! "Peep Show" -- I love it! A fitting homage to the iconic "Peep"! Jenn/Rook No. 17

  7. ervery festive...wouldn't last long in my house because I love peeps!! Actually they probably wouldn't even make it into the jars!

  8. ahh I LOVE this idea!! If you have a chance please stop by handmade tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings

  9. Love this!!! So creative. Thanks for linking up!!!

  10. get those bunnies out of those jars! lol :)

    what a great idea. I LOVE peeps! some people like theirs stale, I like mine fresh, so the jars are a great idea!

  11. Okay now I'm following you because the title of this post just had me cracking up! I can't pass up a blog that makes me laugh this hard lol. You're awesome!

  12. Simple and cute! Love

  13. That's so cute... :)

    Tnx for also linking this up!!

  14. Cute and simple, I love it! My daughters would love this, too!

  15. These are so cute!

    I made my own version of this but used vases instead :)

    I'd love for you to link up at my Friday link party if you are interested.


  16. I LOVE your sense of humor! This is so cute! Thanks for sharing,


  17. So cute. I love Peeps but my kids don't. I couldn't buy an entire box just to eat one and watch the rest go to waste. Now I have a plan. Thanks for the great idea.


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