Monday, March 7, 2011

Krafty Kat what have you gotten me into?

I really haven't made any spring crafts yet but I keep getting inspired by Krafty Kat's blog.
Krafty Kat what have you gotten me into?
First I saw this great bleach designed tee last week.

I've seen a couple bleach designs and knew I wanted to try it.
Add bleach pen to my shopping list.  I've been really trying to not buy craft items though.  Hey, I can imagine it is for laundry right?

I wasn't really ready to make Easter crafts but then I checked out Kraft Kat's blog again and what did I see?  This made my jaw drop.
Check out this tree.

I can't believe this is not real chocolate eggs.
I really need to make this.
Add cone, moss and plastic eggs to my list.  I really don't think I can pass them off as laundry related though.....

Oh, then I came across this. 

These look pretty real too.  I want to reach out and take a bit of an ear.
Isn't that just one of the iconic Easter images? 
 A chocolate bunny with a bit out of the ear?
I think I'm digging through my brown leather stash to find just the right chocolate color to make myself a bunny or two that won't add to my waistline.
Add more plastic eggs and Easter grass to my list.  Definitely not laundry related.

Maybe I can make something more spring and less Easter.
Sure, check out this spring nest complete with eggs.

Really I already was looking at a small ball of twine at the dollar store last week but this makes it a necessity.
Add ball of twine to my list.  Hopefully I'll have enough eggs already that I don't have to add them to my list again.

Maybe I'm so thrilled with the prospect of making some spring crafts because it snowed again!
We got four inches of snow Sunday and it looks like more is on the way for the middle of the week.
Mr. Groundhog I'm not too happy with you.
Spring, spring, where are you?
Not outside so I guess I better make it feel like spring inside by making some spring crafts.
I have been eyeing my daughter's green wool jacket from last year.  She hasn't worn it and says she won't wear it so I'm thinking it might not be a jacket for long.

If you like these ideas please check out Krafty Kat's blog for these and other great crafts.


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  1. Love ya for this post! Life's been so crazy this week- I didn't even see this! Sharing on FB- good luck with all of your spring projects!


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