Wednesday, March 16, 2011

$3 Thursdays – Candle holders

I’ve been a bit busy this week and so I thought I would share a few pieces that I’ve found and re-vamped lately.  Depending on your thrift stores you should be able to find similiar items for $3.  You just need to be able to see beyond their original color and condition.  A little cleaning, paint and distressing and this is what I ended up with.

They are or will soon be in my Etsy store.


I love this wall pocket.  I think is from the 60’s according to the markings on it.


I loved this candle holder for the size.  It is over 5” across and can hold a 4” pillar candle.


This one is 6” across and can can hold a couple different size pillar candles or even a taper candle.


I quickly grabbed this double sconce.  I love the details.

Can you tell I had a Heirloom White week?


A newer plastic frame but with great details. 

I wish I could find more of these.


I was feeling a little ‘blue’ or aqua so not everything got a coat of white.


I found another mirror like this one.  I think it might end up you guessed it, white.  Or maybe a brighter spring color.  I guess we will see what I feel like the day I get the paint out.

I get to spend some time with my favorite sisters this weekend and I hope to get a few non-painting crafts done.  I’m hoping to work on my first lap quilt, get my photos organized and if I have time maybe make a few mini scrapbooks.

Maybe, I’m packing too much for a weekend but a girl can  hope.



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  1. Thanks for visiting at Just Drink a Coke. I'm happy to find your blog, too. I'm following right along, too. BTW, those are nice finds! Do you ever visit Habitat ReStore? You would go crazy in there! :)


  2. These look great! I love what a big difference spray paint can make.


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