Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Blue Vase….. by Paul Cezanne

I don’t own a lot of what I would classify as ‘art’ but today I added a Paul Cezanne print to my collection.  Well at least temporarily.  I listed it in my etsy store but for now I get to enjoy it.

100_6326It is called The Blue Vase.  The original was painted around 1885!100_6330

Lovely colors, look at this blue .


And a frame that is just as lovely.


I’m not sure what spoke to me more, the colors or the frame.


I like them both.

100_6327  100_6328

The two together are very striking.

100_6329I feel so grown up with a little bit of ‘art’ in my apartment.


Even if it is a print, it looks like great to me.


The back had a stamp from Art Publishers of Cincinnati Ohio.

I can’t find anything on them so I’m not sure how old this print is but it really doesn’t matter.  For now I have some ‘art’.


It looks like a canvas and has small almost delicate looking detail around the frame.


I told myself I would try to sell it in my etsy store but if it doesn’t sell anytime soon I won’t be all that disappointed.

Hey I have the Mona Lisa and now The Blue Vase.

I wonder what is next?


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