Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What would you do…… with these?

Going through my hoard, stash, yep stash sounds better.

I came across a box of round metal tins.


Hey, I knew they were there, after all they are all together in one box with a label, nonetheless.  See, I can be a bit organized at times.


What was I thinking when I bought all of these?


Who am I kidding?

I used some so really I bought a lot more than I have left.

24 of them in three different sizes.  I don’t want to think of how many I actually bought.  I’m really trying to stop buying stuff just because it is on sale and I ‘might’ have a use for it someday.  I’m learning ‘somedays’ rarely come.


Now, what to do with the rest of them?

I decided they would be a ‘Use it or Loose it’ craft item.  I couldn’t immediately think of something to do with them so I was going to put them in my giveaway box but I thought I would ask you crafty folks….. What would you do with them?


Any ideas?  Or should I just pass them on?

The labels show them as storage for beads but I wouldn’t recommend that.

I should tell you the covers are not very secure so I really think storing items in them is a good option.  The last thing I want is to store some small items in them only to tip them over and the small pieces are all over the place.  Not that it has ever happened to me. :)

I think I originally bought them to store items in them or to make them into mini ornaments so that is not something I would make with them.  Been there, done that.

I guess if I don’t get any great idea it is time to pass them on.

I’m sure someone else might have the perfect use for them.

My current ‘Loose it’ box is getting pretty full.  Just take a peek, scraps, stickers, 6 x 6 album with sample pages to name a few things.


Hey, what is that???

Is that a tin already in the ‘Loose it’ box?


Yep, it sure is.

Maybe I should let them have a quite goodbye,

and pass them on.




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  1. I would definitely use the shallower ones to put glass stone magnets in for gifts. I made a bunch for Christmas and couldn't find suitable magnetic packaging anywhere!

  2. You could use them to wrap small gifts. Fill it with something wondeful and tie it with a ribbon and it's set to go.

  3. I bought a bunch of these also. I made miniature shadow boxes with them and then glued a magnet to the back to use as a fridge magnet. They were cute.

  4. Those are both great ideas! Also, you could fill them with homemade lip balm or deoderant. has great recipes for both.


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