Sunday, February 6, 2011

Craigslist - would you want this???

Every now and then I like to check out Craigslist to see what free and inexpensive items are out there.  Hey there are some good deals out there, or so I’ve heard.
Tonight I came across this posting
Eww, really????
Read the full description:
Free king size motel bedspreads. Good shape. Great for quilts, crafts, etc., or nice enough to use as bedspreads. Stop by the Viking Motel and Extended Stay in A****a to pick them up. The Viking Motel is located 3 blocks west of Douglas County Hospital in A***a on Aga Drive.
Well, if they are in good shape and great for crafts or to just use as my own personal bedspread maybe I should take a trip to Alexandria and get one or two.
Hmm, I think I’ll pass.
  This brings to mind dozens of news segments about bedbugs and hotel investigations that reveal dozens of disgusting things on bedspreads.  Who would want a motel bedspread?

Earlier today when we were eating lunch at a restaurant my daughter happened to comment how ‘disgusting’ it was to think that we were using utensils that lots of other people had used before us.  Well at least they are washed between every use.  I don’t think you can count on a fresh washing every time a bedspread was used.

Just thinking about this makes me leery of a hotel stay later this month in Minneapolis.  Maybe it would have been better to drive 70 miles home and not stay downtown for a couple nights?? 
The hotel we are staying at does have a 4 star (out of 4) rating on Priceline but you can be sure that I will still check for bedbug signs and won’t be taking home the bedspread! :)

Good night,
sleep tight,
you know the rest….

**edit - To be fair I should note that I've never been to the motel from the Criagslist post, it could be a wonderful, clean motel.  Just the thought of it is what turns me off. 


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  1. I feel the creepy crawlies! LOL
    Having a husband who's been in the hospitality industry here in Myrtle Beach for about 16 years, I can for sure say you did the right thing by passing on those bedspreads! hahaha!


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