Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vintage Flower Finds

I found these beauties yesterday and had to bring them home.
Well, home for now.  I did list them in my etsy store so they might not be at home with me for long.
Can you believe they are belt buckles?
Not just a belt buckle but a belt buckle from Beverly Hills, CA.
Ohh, la, la, how chic.
What a great flower to have that will never fade.
  I can’t see using them as the belt buckle they originally were made as but maybe a pin or scarf tie.
The ivory and brown ones have a wonderful iridescent, pearl finish to them.
For now they are at home in a basket, bringing me a reminder that summer and flowers will come again someday…. 

At least some of the latest snow is melting today.

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  1. Wow! These are beautiful. They don't look like belt buckles. By the way, I have a contest giveaway on my blog you might find fun. Take a look.

  2. Great find! They are Tres Chic! You could do countless things with these! :) ~Michelle

  3. great finds indeed! Can't wait to see how you use these fun flowers!
    thanks for sharing @ CCC


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