Thursday, February 17, 2011

$3 Thursday – Serving Tray, part 2

After painting one tray with chalkboard paint here, I decided to try something different with this one.


I started with a coat of plastic primer and then a coat of Heirloom White paint, a crafting favorite.  I’m not sure if it was the two types of paint or something else but I got lots of crackling in the paint.


The parts that didn’t initially crackle only needed another shot of paint and they crackled before my eyes.  I usually like a bit of crackling in my paint finishes and this one delivered.

I ended up with this.


Live well, Laugh often, Love much.

I would love to say I painted these or even that I cut them from vinyl with a machine but none of that for me.  I used these.


Stickers from the dollar store.

I picked them up this summer and they have been hanging around just waiting for the perfect project.  I think this is it.


I would like to say my initial plan was to have the words in this random, ok crooked, pattern but I didn’t.  I thought I was smart and started with the ‘u’ from Laugh, centering it but it ended up crooked.  I thought I could reposition it but when I tried it started to pull of the paint.  So much for plastic primer.

So random, not straight letters for this project.

I love the little hearts that came with the set.

100_5888 I had some silver glaze that I was using on some other projects and used a little bit to try to highlight the crackling in the paint.

Subtle but I like it.


Like the chalkboard I’m not sure where else to put it so for now it is in the corner that is still decorated for Valentines day.





Serving tray             $1.49

Plastic Primer         craft supply

White paint            craft supply

Stickers             $1.00

Glaze        craft supply


Total cost:   $2.49 plus a few craft supplies

Not bad for what will probably end up a wall plaque when I find the perfect spot, and way to hang it.  I’m leaning towards a bit of wire and good old fashion duck tape to fashion a hanger but I haven’t decided for certain yet.  That seems like a pretty simple way to make a hanger on the back.

Now just to decide where to hang it.




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  1. The paint crackling and bubbling seems like it's from cold weather, or the tray not being washed first?
    BUT, it turned out fabulous! Dollar store stickers? I never find them there.
    way to go.

  2. I have a plate I want to do this with. I wondered what to do it with. Now I know! Crooked gives it character.

  3. Aw cute!! I just made a Live Laugh Love craft too so this caught my eye :)

  4. This is so cute, I love that you were thrifty, too! :-) (found you at Hope Studios) ~Lori

  5. I bought this to put on the wall of my craft room! Same ones from dollar store - I thought they were such a great find and deal, weren't they? I have been working on re-doing my craft room all weekend, you can see that here:

    I can't wait to put up my wall words with a bunch of shabby chic pics all around it!

    I love them on the tray too - SO cute!


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