Thursday, February 24, 2011

$3 Thursday – no cost decorating

One of the best ways to decorate is to use what you have, especially if you are a hoarder, oh, I mean collector.  Doesn’t 'collector’ sound so much more elegant?
Yep, I’m a collector of some vintage games and books.  Some are items I had when I was younger and some are items I picked up here and there.
When I took down my Valentine decor I knew I wanted something fun in its place.  As I put the Valentine items away I came across a suitcase with some old vintage games and books and thought they would make the perfect display items for the cabinet in place of the Valentine items.
At one time I collected these games with big plans to frame the games and display them.  Well….. I guess I don’t need to say that it never happened but I kept the games to use ‘someday’.  Today was that day.
I displayed a few racquetball items, a few bingo games, domino sets, a Chinese Checkers board as well as vintage games and books.  It was a perfect display for the jar-o-dominoes I posted about here.
I think it is a perfect display for now until I decide to make some spring or Easter decor.  Hopefully spring will come soon here in Minnesota but that isn’t too likely.  We can expect to get snow for another month or more.  At least now there are a few days here and there where it is warm enough for some of the snow to melt.  I could have done without the 8 inches we got last weekend.
I did play Chinese Checkers on this board.
Racquetball anyone?
I think I got most of these games at an auction years ago.
I love the book “Mixed bag of Magic Tricks”.  I remember trying a few of the tricks.
This wasn’t the loom I had but I did make a number of loom potholders when I was younger.
I love these wood bingo numbers.
I have quite a collection of game pieces and a few other items in a large glass jar.

It was a pretty easy display to put together.  Can you believe I had all of this stuffed away in a suitcase just waiting to be used?
New display…………….. $0

Now if we get another winter storm I have games on hand to pass the time….

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  1. What's fun about displays like this is that people can't help but stop and look. There's so much to see and for many, it brings back childhood memories.

  2. yes...i too love looking at all the old board games..brings back memories of holidays with my family playing games!

  3. I've always loved games, scrabble being my favorite!
    You have some really cool stuff!
    thanks for sharing @ ccc

  4. Now I know what to put in my newest canning jar lamp! Game pieces! I have 2 other canning jar lamps. One has fake Fisher Price Little People in it. The other is full of wooden spools. Thanks for the idea!


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