Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday garland

A good thing about being a hoarder stockpiler post-holiday sale shopper is that if you remember the following year before the holiday you might have some quick and easy craft kits to complete.
When I was digging through a cupboard I came across a garland kit I bought last year after Christmas.
I loved the rosettes and the patterned papers.  The best part?  The rosettes were already made, the papers had decorative edges and eyelets already set.
The only thing I had to do was grab some glue, a scissors to trim the ribbon.
At first I was sort of disappointed that the already glittered chipboard letters were a bit curved.  I didn’t need to worry too long because it worked out perfect because of the shape of the rosettes.  The curve made it easier to glue the letters on.
I did leave the glue overnight to dry before I attached the rosettes to the paper but otherwise it took me about 40 minutes to complete three holiday garlands.
Thank you Memory Makers for your wonderful kits.
I’m just glad that I found it before it was too late for this year.  I’m just saying….it could happen that I misplace a post holiday clearance item until after the holiday I bought it for….. 
100_4622  100_4618 100_4617
Do you have any quick and easy crafts you can share with me?


  1. I love your garlands, they are beautiful! I've been finding things that I bought after Christmas last year on clearance that I'd totally forgotten about, too! What a fun project:)

  2. That would be my luck- to find them after the holiday! They look great- very awesome find! Thanks for sharing at the Holiday Hookup!

  3. Ahhh Love them!! I totally want to make a vertical banner too!!

  4. I can't wait to shop the after Christmas sales. Love your garlands! I saw them at Tatertots and Jello and had to get a better look.

  5. I love these!!! I NEED to learn how to make those crinkly paper rosettes!? And I will definitely be keeping my eye out for after-Christmas sales this year since my crafting is officially ON ; )

  6. What a cute garland kit. I like all of the detail on it.

  7. These are really cute...I love how graphic they are!

  8. The closer I get to your projects, the more creative I realize that you are! Thank you for sharing on the Boardwalk Bragfest.


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