Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday cookies

I'm guilty of not making and decorating too many cookies when my daughter was younger.  I think I tried a few times but I think I never had the patience to make most of the cookies.  I remember trying and never having much luck rolling out sugar cookies.

In October my sisters friend Julie taught us how to decorate cookies with royal icing.  She made it seem so easy, much easier than I had ever done and the results were great in my opinion.  I always marveled at the smooth look of the frosting I had seen.
Julie took us through it step by step and made it so easy that even I could do it and love the results.
After our trip I decided that this Christmas I would make and decorate cookies.  First I needed to get cookies so I started looking for sugar cookie recipes and I came across a great tip that eliminated the crumbly dough I remember trying to roll out years ago.
  Roll out the dough between sheets of waxed paper or Saran wrap before you cool it.  I knew I had to try it and it worked out great.  I won’t ever struggle with cold crumbly dough again.
Flour or sugar the dough as usual, partially roll out dough, lift your paper or wrap off of the dough, flour again if needed.  Then flip the dough over, pull the paper or wrap up from the dough, flour if needed and continue rolling out. 
Once the sheets are rolled out as thick as you want them, place on a cookie sheet or other flat surface and put in the refrigerator or freezer to cool.
  Once cool, cut out cookies, bake, frost if desired and then sit back and enjoy your handiwork.
Here are some pictures of our cookie making day this past weekend.
My sister Janie showing off one of her cookies.
My sister Joanie hard at work filling in some stars.
Our Mom even got into decorating and did a great job.
My daughter, Kira filling in a star with what ended up being our favorite color, a light blue.
Me, deeply concentrating on outlining a cookie.
Some of our creations.
We had a lot of fun and I think we all decided that a spring cookie decorating day should happen. 
Are you making any holiday cookies?


  1. They look great and looks like you all had a good time making them! One year, we all made a big batch and the kids decorated them and took most of them to school for a party. It was so much fun! May have to try this again soon. Thanks so much for sharing at the Holiday Hookup!

  2. I love cookies! Yours are soo cute, almost too cute to eat.
    thanks for linking up!


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