Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winterized wreath

I wanted a wreath to hang outside on my patio but couldn’t find one for the right price.
Well, I did see one at the local Goodwill but didn’t pick it up when I first saw it and it was gone when I decided that I needed to have it.
What is a thrifty gal to do?
Make your own.
I started with my white Target bag wreath I showed you here.  Remember this wreath?
Time to make it over for winter.
On Thanksgiving night I stopped at Michael’s and picked up a couple poinsettia bunches for $.69 cents.  Each one had about 12 flowers on it.  It wasn’t as full as I would like but for the price I couldn’t resist.
I pulled off the flowers and leaves and ran wire over them and then around the wreath.  I kept adding flowers until I used up all the flowers I had.
The poinsettia bunches said for inside use only but I don’t mind if they fade or fall apart.  After all I don’t know why silk and plastic wouldn’t hold up for one winter.  If the colors run when it gets wet it probably won’t ruin my wreath but if it does it will be easy to remake.  I still have a few plastic bags I can use.
Disregard the frozen hosta blooms.
Still holding up after a few days outside.
The snow came before I brought in my chair for the winter.   I guess it might stay outside this year.
A winter outside will give it a shabby look.
Or I can always add another coat of paint in the spring to spruce it up.
I better make time to winterize this display.  I don’t know that I can count on the snow melting anytime soon.  I thought I would leave the corn out for the squirrels but they don’t seem interested in it.
A couple years ago they ate the corn I had on display so I thought now that there is a bit of snow that they would like it if I left the corn down low for them to get.   I guess not.  I know there is still a few of the around but I guess they aren’t interested in corn right now.
One winterized wreath, whether or not the flowers were meant to be outside.
Do you have an inexpensive wreath remake?
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  1. What a pretty wreath! I would never guess that it started out as plastic bags! I always love a project that involves reusing or recycling:) I had to laugh about your squirrels! A few years ago, I saw the idea to take pinecones, spread them with peanut butter, then roll in birdseed and hang up for the birds to eat. Well, those pinecones didn't stand a chance with our huge squirrel population! (Our yard backs up to a woods.) I don't think the birds got any of it, or the garland of popcorn that I had put out for them!


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