Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas card keeper

Usually I just end up piling my Christmas cards up on a pile somewhere in my apartment.
This year I was determined to have a ‘spot’ for them.
I noticed a empty can that I’ve had in my stash since last year about this time.
It originally held some cookies that one of our venders sent at my last job.
I knew the can had potential so I took it home.
I finally put it to use.
I didn’t think to take before pictures but it was a plain, paint can type can.
It did have a logo on one side but since I covered the whole can in paper it didn’t matter to me.
I covered the can in holiday papers and decoupaged over the top of them.
A perfect spot to keep all of my cards together.
Now, if the holiday labels I ordered arrive soon so I can mail out my cards.
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  1. Love it! what a great way to enjoy your cards AND repurpose a good looking pail :)


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