Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cookies – take 2

Remember these cookies?
Well…….it took all of 9 days for me and
my daughter to eat them.
Nine days might not sound that bad until you consider that we made about 5 dozen cookies!
What?? FIVE dozen cookies in 9 days?
Ok, I guess it sort of makes up for the years and years that I haven’t made holiday cookies.
I decided I should make another small batch of cookies and use up the last of the frosting.
I wasn’t near as creative this time around but I did make a batch of cookies and decorated them.
One color and no sprinkles but we now have a few more cookies to snack on for maybe the next week.
I ended up decorating 2 dozen stars and two presents.
All in yellow.
Hey, I did say I wasn’t as creative!
But at least we have a few more cookies!
Have you decorate cookies this year?
If so please don’t tell me if 5 dozen last longer than 9 days in your house…..


  1. 5 dozen is A LOT OF COOKIES! However, things like that don't last nearly that long in my house so my hats is off to you.

  2. Those cookies look too good and I think I gained weight just taking in the decorated ones. I think I could even smell them.


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