Saturday, December 11, 2010

I want candy!!

The best laid plans do go awry.

The recipes were printed, the ingredients bought and the bags were packed.

Today I’m suppose to be making candy with my sisters but low and behold a great, well not so great, storm comes along and dumps snow and wind on us.

The wreath that is just outside on my patio is covered with snow.


Yep, the radar doesn’t look so good either.

Snow, cold and wind.

Covering well beyond where I am and where I’m suppose to be.

The forecast is for 9-13" for our area and windchill temps down to 20-30 below!


No candy for me.

Well, less candy for me.

I’m still making the recipes I had but usually there is a big group of us making candy together and we all bring a recipe or two so you can imagine how much candy we can end up with.

Last year I think we filled up two 8 foot tables with our bounty.  Everyone went home with lots of containers of candy.

I guess I may have to make my recipes here and hope that I get together with a couple of my sisters to share our goodies.


I’ll be staying in today and enjoying the candy from the warmth of inside.   Maybe I’ll even make a cup of hot chocolate and warm up with that.

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