Thursday, June 10, 2010

Halloween frame

Ok, I know it is not really the right time to be making and posting about Halloween but I just had to show this frame I made today. It is from a acrylic frame that I picked up at a dollar store a while ago.

I actually made this for my partner in a altered dollar store swap over at Swap-Bot. If you like to swap, that is the place to go for all sorts of swaps. There are tons of new swaps every day. I thought I knew about most crafts but there are swaps for items that I had never heard of. Here the frame is looking right at home on a shelf I have in my bathroom. Too bad I can't keep it. :)

This is a real simple alternation. I inked the edges of a 5 x 7 sheet of patterned cardstock, inserted in frame and then added a couple vinyl stickers. The 'Eek' and spider came together in one package. I picked this one up long after Halloween last year for $1. It was normally $4.99. I don't think I would ever have paid that for it, but it was well worth $1.

The whole project was a steal at $2.25.
Dollar store frame - $1
Discount vinyl stickers - $1
Paper - $.25

I hope my partner likes this frame just as much as I did. I only wish there had been more than one of the vinyl stickers at $1.

Happy crafting


  1. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. This frame is way cute. Love the spider.

  2. So easy & cute.



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