Friday, June 25, 2010

Blue Angels in town

This is from promotional material - the view from a cockpit. I can't imagine being in a plane that is flying in such a close formation. I've seen a couple air shows but nothing like this.
For the last couple days the US Navy Blue Angels have been in town practicing for shows tomorrow and Sunday. It is unbelievable how loud they are. I live about 10 miles from the airport where they are performing but we are still seeing and hearing them quite a bit while they are practicing. Most times I have seen one or three practicing but today for a while there were five in the air.

These are a couple shots I took from my patio of three of them in formation .
Not good pictures at all, they don't do justice to what I hear and see.
I missed getting pictures when they were closer but I thought I would share these.
I didn't plan on going to the show as there are other events going on in town but I may just have to go to get a closer view. From the practice I can see now it might be well worth the $25 to see them.

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